Channelling Tiffany (& Michael)

I am not alone in my love for Tiffany Wendle’s wardrobe; I have seen her name mentioned on almost all the blogs I follow. I am a fan of her relaxed style. Anyone who wears trainers and sequin harems together is my kinda lady.

I was browsing her latest posts early (very early!) this morning for inspiration and lucky me, something I could recreate without much effort.

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 12.52.04 PM


I am wearing red Massimo Dutti leather jacket (known in this house as my Michael Jackson jacket), no label v old jeans, Gap white tshirt, Zara leopard moccasins because unfortunately I don’t own any shoes like Tiffany’s. Yet.

Her Vince flats are pretty much the perfect shoe as far as I am concerned. (I realise she’s not wearing them in this photo but her heels are pretty similar!)


DMBL40 did a blog all about the Vince shoe last week which has some good lookalikes.

I’ve had a bit of a browse myself and these look interesting though I am not keen on the ankle strap.


The Hannah from Kurt Geiger is not exactly similar but pointed and black. They also come in white.


The ASOS Liberty look interesting for £25 even though they’re not leather.


I like these two tone ones myself.


The Steve Madden Vampy flat that DMBL40 led me to is pretty similar but seems to be unavailable in the UK at the moment.


I am going with the cheapy ASOS ones for now. Who knows, if they work out I might even wear them with my dungarees alla Tiffany! (This is one of the very few occasions where I have totally ignored my dear WornOut friends’ unanimous advice)


Finally, anyone still looking for gold boots might like these that I spotted on my travels. They are from Bertie which have 20% off today. (They are too similar to my stone Ash Jalouse for me)



I’m off to practice my moonwalk.

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9 thoughts on “Channelling Tiffany (& Michael)

    1. EveWornOut

      Tiffany is pretty cool, isn’t she. Two people laughed out loud when I wore the dungarees the other day. Luckily I like them enough to be smirked at!

  1. Pip

    I took delivery of the very same ASOS shoes yesterday hoping that they would fill the Vince sized gap in my wardrobe but alas they are going back tomorrow. They come up huge, I’m normally a 5 so ordered a 5 but they seemed at least a size bigger. Plus the front is really low….too much toe cleavage for me, that might be because they were too big tho?
    Belinda may have come up with a good alternative with the Aldo version…tempting :)
    I’m waiting for my new Swedish Hasbeens to be delivered, so hope that will make me feel better.
    I’m loving the dungarees but am going to order these from ASOS instead as I’m not brave enough to wear denim ones just yet!

  2. EveWornOut

    Thanks for the ASOS info Pip. Oh no!

    I’ve just looked at the photos and am so embarrassed – I did NOT mean to stand like TW!

  3. Poppy's Style

    Just the reason I bought the red Zara leather jacket this season:) errr…also the sequin harem trousers, VInce Ninas and my GG are on their way…I hope she gets commission…I will not be going blonde though…

  4. EveWornOut

    Poppy, I’m going green with envy! Which GGs have you gone for? Do you think the Vincent Ninas are worth the price?

    1. Poppy's style

      The Nina’s are definitely worth it – great leather and quality – really comfy too. The glitter GGs arrived – I am in love with them – I’ve sold my 2 Ash pairs to help justify them:)


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