My new pastime

I have a new pastime that I indulge in a few times a week while the girls are at nursery: charity shopping!  Its fun, as I never know what I am going to find.  As it is, I normally find something I like, but today I got very lucky.

Many of the other WornOut ladies have and like J Brand jeans, but I haven’t gone there.  Until there was a pair of the J Brand 912′s in ink at one of my local charity shops.  According to Net-A-Porter, they are a low rise skinny jean, but they aren’t that low rise, and nor do I find them especially skinny.  I think they are a bit long and I don’t like the bunching at the ankles in the NAP photo, so I will get them taken up.  They will be a hybrid: sort of skinny, sort of straight.



Please excuse my socks – clearly I dress in a hurry…

J Brand 

NAP styling

J Brand 
J Brand 912s

And as to what I am wearing: Mango tweed jacket, old costume jewellery necklace (can’t remember the brand), Marcs Baby Doll boot cut jeans, and Aldo red Frorani boots.



The heels on these red boots used to look like this:

But I didn’t like them.  So, I got out my wood furniture touch up markers, and now they are a lovely shade, that is a mahogany/walnut mix.  Much better!



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4 thoughts on “My new pastime

    1. Belinda WornOut Post author

      I didn’t even notice my socks were mismatched until I looked at the photos. Oh well, this is a blog all about “keeping it real”, anyway. I am so pleased with the boot heels – never let the colour of a wooden one put you off again! Ah, the charity shops where I am are good, I admit. Not terribly cheap (jeans were £25), but the stock is good. Well, if you don’t have any good charity shops, you’ll just have to keep up your internet shopping! [grin]

    1. Belinda WornOut Post author

      Thanks, I agree! In fact, that’s probably my luck gone, now. It will all be Primark cast offs and nasty thick acrylic sweaters from here on in. [cringe] [grin] But I am going to drag a friend off to another one tomorrow, so let’s see how my luck holds.


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