Happy Days

My favourite way to socialise is all together with friends and kids. No hassle of settling my beloveds with grandparents while we try and sneak out, no expressing (dio, I hate expressing), no obsessive checking of my phone to make sure they’re ok. Instead today we are off to see close friends in the countryside (well, what this Londoner considers countryside – there are trees and horses) The kids will play in their gigantic paddling pool, the babies will waddle after each other and eat grass and we will drink Pimms, prepare tasty food and relax. Happy days.

I faffed about getting ready today, unable to decide what to wear. I started with snake maxi skirt and grey tee, changed into red printed trousers and a black tee and finally settled on this.
20130526-114757.jpg Topshop printed trousers (last year’s sale), grey Gap tee over H&M black vest, Gap denim waistcoat, Topshop Hey metallic trim sandals.
20130526-114954.jpg The sandals are very comfortable and quite similar to a Hugo Boss pair my partner has that I’ve admired for some time. I’m hoping they will work as a slightly smarter flip flop when I’m in the kind of mood where I can’t be bothered with doing up sandals (and undoing and redoing etc in my shoe free house and at the various children’s play areas I frequent)

Enjoy the sunshine.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Days

  1. gina wornout

    Me too…a perfect outfit. I’m so jealous of all your Harem trousers – you look so good in them. I can never find any. My littlest now has a wardrobe of Zara ones and absolutely loves them but they don’t do any in big sizes this season! Gah.


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