Less is more

You’d think I might’ve learnt this important lesson at my age. But no.

Most of my going out is for early dinners with my partner and the kids. I try, most of the time, to dress up a bit more than usual. Yesterday evening we went for dinner locally. My outfit should’ve worked ok – Warehouse leopard print jeans (I bought when pg last year & saved to wear), Swedish Hasbeens, cream drape front blouse from ASOS (with cream Zara vest underneath)
Then I added a Hulquist pomegranate necklace, then I added a Kenneth Jay Lane coin bracelet and my new neon watch, a leopard scarf, Mint Velvet leather jacket and a Roccabella ring. And then I started adding to my make up. I’d gone for strong eyebrows and a smudge of brown on my lash line; more made up than for every day but quite subtle. Until I added a Lipstick Queen deep pink lippy and “Hello Aunt Sally” guffaws greeted my emergence from the bathroom.
By now we were in a tearing hurry so off I went.

So, I have learnt that the jeans are too big (the second photo was from when we got home), the Swedish Hasbeens are too pinky rather than neutral so didn’t work with the coloured jeans. And too much make up doesn’t suit anyone!

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7 thoughts on “Less is more

  1. Poppy's Style

    Ha – you make me laugh – I always try to recite the simplicity mantra but always feel i’ve added one thing too much – too much pattern, too flowing, too on trend etc. etc. Check out the Mango sale by the way – some great deals on their ‘baggy’ trousers – like harems – I just ordered a few to try – haven’t bought from Mango for eons!

    1. EveWornOut

      Thanks Joanna – I will have a look. I don’t usually look there either as I find their sizing rather small/short. Thanks for the tip!

  2. gina wornout

    love this Eve – it’s so familiar to me too! And you are lucky you really don’t much make up at all so less is more certainly more for you. What a pain about the trousers…they started off looking the right size!

    1. EveWornOut

      I’m irritated as the colours are just what I wanted. To eBay they go! I cannot imagine you looking overdone!

  3. Gillian

    This post is quite literally the story of my life. And at the ripe old age of 40 I still haven’t learned.

    It’s hard to imagine you looking anything other than gorgeous mind you

    1. EveWornOut

      Ha ha, thank you! I think the problem stemmed from me feeling a bit uncomfy at my outfit choice and rushed. So I just kept adding to it. Bad move! I do love a bit of bling but maybe in moderation.

  4. Sue

    I have the opposite problem – I’m always underdressed. I forget perfume, makeup, jewellery. I remember my underwear and my purse though so that’s okay.


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