Excuse the hideous feet but…

yes yes I know – I inherited my father’s weird flat feet and my Mum’s odd toes but there are worst things in life!  Anyway just got some primark sandals and I’m chuffed with them.

I absolutely love getting sandals from Primark. I can wear them to the bitter end and as they are so cheap I’m not bothered when it’s time to retire them.  I got a pair of plain tan ones last year that I wore constantly and I’m still wearing this summer.  They are actually the comfiest sandals I have and cost £6 – I really wish I’d bought another pair I love them so much.

My strict rule is to get the leather ones.  The few I’ve had that aren’t leather haven’t faired as well so I now stick to this and it’s not exactly hard with such amazing deals.

So…these are the two I got – both leather and both in the sale.

1.  These were reduced from £12 to £6…very comfortable and I think I’ll use them a lot



2.  I love the colour of these but I fear I’ve made a mistake (admittedly just a £4 mistake – they were reduced from £8).  They look ok in the pic but when I walk the ankle bits flap around alarmingly.  They would be better for someone with less chicken like ankles.


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2 thoughts on “Excuse the hideous feet but…

  1. EveWornOut

    I love the look of the grey ones. I have some beautiful Primark sandals but the buckles keep breaking off!

    1. gina wornout

      alas they would be no good on your lovely slim ankles – they would flap around…it’s really hit and miss with the quality isn’t it!


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