In distress

– ASOS distressed jeans (“lovingly” stitched and patched and cropped last night. While watching Gossip Girl. Its such good eye candy. Except for Ed Westwick who is quite repugnant. Please can I come back in my next life as Serena Van Der Woodsen? Or at least with her figure and wardrobe?;
– French Connection navy crochet trimmed top;
– Marks & Spencer faux diamond platinum plated bracelet: good but cheap bling;
-Aldo Dobrus nude flats.





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2 thoughts on “In distress

  1. EveWornOut

    You’d make a sack look splendid. You’re one of the truly beautiful women I’ve met. But I’m not sure about the jeans. I think the pattern/distressing is maybe too symmetric. Nice to try new things though and I never thought I’d see you in ripped jeans!! Harems next?

  2. Belinda WornOut Post author

    Goodness, haven’t you made my night with your really wonderful compliment – thank you! I think you are right about the jeans. Husband looked and went ” not sure. Maybe its because they are a new look for you (yep, they sure are!!!), but I’m just not sure”. I don’t think they are quite right, either. Maybe they are my jeans for when I am all out of other options. I don’t think I will be trying harems, no. But I did try a dress today with some leopard print, so I am with you on some things!


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