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Heavens to Betsy, I am so behind on my blogging.  This photo is from just over a week ago, back when the weather was “sultry”.  Or you can just call it humid if you like.  As the song goes: you say potayto, I say potarto.

Waiting for the Husband, I found myself at Selfridges.  In amongst the more luxe items, it also has a great selection from H&M and TopShop.  Much nicer than actually shopping in a H&M or TopShop, which is usually messy and/or mayhem.  Even the H&M change room is nicer than in H&M stores.  AND it has flattering lighting.  Have I sold it to you, yet?

Of course, I tried on a few things, but only 1 hit the mark.  Firstly, this silk dress (£50) has some nice detailing, and looks easy to wear, but (possibly due to my short torso?), the waist ties sat both low and oddly on me.  I passed on it, but it might look great on someone with a longer torso.


Product Detail | H GB

Secondly, I was quite keen to see this military style jacket (£30) in real life, as its a wool blend, and last year I bought a wool blend biker from H&M that I almost lived in.  And it still looks new.  However, this one is quite a straight cut and just bagged at the waist, while being too fitted at the hips.  Again, I passed.


Product Detail | H GB

Then I hit the jackpot, with this viscose Victoriana blouse (£25).  I can’t find it online, but its a beauty.  I hope you can see how lovely it is from the photos.  Very good cut for those of us who are short torsoed with curves (Oh God, am I an apple? Am I an hourglass?  I give up, but either way, my torso is the trickiest part of my body to dress.  By a long way).



After my fashion score, I strolled through the TopShop section, where I saw this quite cool tailored peplum jacket (£48).  I almost like it, but it looked a bit insane on me, so I passed.  Peplum is really, really not for me.





Jane Jetson.  Its not a look I am trying to recreate.

Now, not long ago, we WornOut ladies were talking about whether we are buying more leopard print this season.  Despite just buying the Russell & Bromley Club leopard print slippers, I don’t think I will be buying more.  I want to try other animal prints, namely, snake.  So, of course, I was immediately struck by this leopard print top (£38) in TopShop.  The colours would be so wrong on me, but I think the print is wicked.  Having said I probably won’t buy any more leopard print, of course, it will be all I see that I love and buy.



And what did I wear?  Outfit: Zara frill edged black high neck top  |  Zara floral print skirt  |  Coccinelle Red Queency bag  |  Australian brand bugle bead sandals (I love these so much, that I will be looking out for a variation on them next summer)20130901-213159.jpg

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6 thoughts on “Pretty blouse

  1. Ash

    I love that blouse on you – fab :-) I’ve had similar problems with H&M jackets – think they are just cut oddly sometimes, rather than the problem being with torso shape. I really like the dress too – and think the waistline actually looks fine on you. But struggle with peplums too!

    1. Belinda WornOut Post author

      Hi Ash,

      Thank you! Mmm, it can be a bit tricky in H&M, can’t it?! And very hit and miss re quality. Mind you, I have just returned with a big bag of things for the girls, some of which look to be very good, quality wise. And I’ve come to the conclusion that peplums are not a trend for me. There are lots of other fun things to try, though.

    1. Belinda WornOut Post author

      Thanks! I tried it on and liked it instantly. Makes me wonder why I bother with the items I dither over.

  2. Sue

    I think I actually fit in to the H&M jackets but I don’t try on many and none which are particularly fitted. And I can imagine the Selfridges concession of H&M is infinitely more pleasant than a regular H&M one. However, credit to them, the ones I’ve been in have been light and airy.

    And what a change in the weather from when you wore this to the significantly cooler temperatures we’ve been having. I think sandal season has just about finished.

    I was thinking that I really like the leopard print Topshop number but couldn’t wear it. Just not me. But still like it all the same.

    1. Belinda WornOut Post author

      I think its worth trying some of the H&M jackets on, as they have the odd gem. Amidst the rails of polyester! Not only are the change rooms airy, but I have to say, most of the staff are really nice. There is 1 guy in particular at the Oxford St store (opposite Bond St station) who is an utter sweetheart. He was showing me all these things that he thought I might like. Really nice.

      Oh the change in the weather is EXTREME! And fast. Lightning fast.

      Mmm, I’m the same w the leopard top. Not for me, but I like it a lot.


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