When good clothes go wrong

I’ve realised that with every season change it takes me a bit to get my groove on. I remember a couple of dud outfits as it started to warm up for the summer.

Today it’s wasn’t warm but it was not that cold either and I was stumped for what to wear. Camis are out and without them my printed trousers don’t feel the same (I also seem to have disposed of almost all my neutral tshirts) Matters are not helped by the fact I can’t wash anything this week as we are having work done in the house.

So today I wore old Zara jeans, black studded Sam Edelman Frankies, Marc by Marc Jacobs Dragon Scale scarf, orange Iris & Ink cashmere jumper under my Zara parka from last year and my See by Chloe black bag.
And I felt frumpy and irritable all day! The jumper is a meh colour for me (I wanted a green one but it sold out so I “‘made do” – always a bad move), the shoes feel dated somehow and the parka and scarf had me feeling over dressed and very top heavy (the jeans are cropped which doesn’t help) The only reason I’ve blogged this outfit is that I humiliated myself in M&S taking photos so thought I should use them (like Belinda, I’ve had to make a last minute mad dash for warm clothes for my girls)

I’m off to finish packing away my summer gear and to try and find something I’m happier wearing for tomorrow. What are you wearing in the cooler weather? Any inspiration for me?

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10 thoughts on “When good clothes go wrong

  1. Esmeralda

    Have the same problem with the turn of the seasons – particularly going from sandals to socks or vice versa. Happy today though wearing this: http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/goods/079287 in the dark grey, with jeans and trainers. (You like grey too, don’t you?) Dark colours for winter/light for summer feels “right”. Although there are still neon spots on my socks.

    1. Belinda WornOut

      Esmerelda (love your name!), what’s the fit like on the Uniqlo merino round neck this year? It didn’t work for me last year, but I might try it again this year.

  2. EveWornOut

    Thanks Esmerelda (yy, great name!) I did try a grey jumper but had footwear issues. I really like that uniqlo jumper – thanks for linking. What trainers were you wearing? I’ve been trying to put off the move to proper shoes but may have to get my Ash trainers out tomorrow. I’m looking to replace my metallic Nikes soon.

    1. Esmeralda

      Jumper fits me very well … but I’m a bit of an ironing board. Trainers not all that fashionista – sale bargain plain navy Superga + summer weight navy jacket. (And a vest).

  3. Pip

    Awe Eve, I hate it when nothing feels right. I’m feeling the same but not due to lack of inspiration….my wardrobe woes are due to to much flubber around the middle region :(
    You’re such a colour magpie and most clothes seem to be black or grey so that’s probably not helping!
    I can totally see you rocking a pair of red tartan trousers and leather jacket combo? ‘Specially with your amazing red lippy collection!

    My advice……get the worn out girls together; eat, drink lots and then go somewhere where you can dance your socks off! You’ll soon feel revitalised.


    1. EveWornOut

      What a lovely reply! Thank you. I do like grey and have a wardrobe full of it but am just so uninspired. Yesterday’s outfit was even worse! Today I am going to wear red lippy and see if it helps.

      I love your suggestion! Soon we will do just that.

      Thanks again!

    1. Eve WornOut Post author

      I have the black Aldo Dobrus but the leather is so hard and they’re a bit gapey. I need the Vince Ninas obviously! Which pointy flats are you wearing, Melissa?

      1. Melissa

        Cheapy M&S grey with black fringe and silver bar across the front only £25, because I think the window for wearing shoes is tiny, it’s either sandals or boots for me mostly – so these were a nice bargain! They have them in navy and brown with a gold bar which are nice too…. I’m not clever so don’t know how to link pics…..x


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