Can you waft in London?Starry Sky Print dress from & Other Stories. 

I ordered this stunning dress a while ago but returned it fearing it would make me look pregnant.  I think it was this image of the wafting waiflike model that put me off. I have boobs and I have a belly and am not a size 8. I didn’t even try it on. 

Then my friend Rachel told me she had it and it made me really want to try it again but nope, sold out. 

Instead I bought the silk shirt in the the starry-non-starry print and went into a store to try and buy the matching culottes. No culottes. But the lovely woman helping me look for them noticed my star rings (I have a daughter called Stella and have lots of stars about me always) and said “if it’s something starry you want, let me show you this”. Yup, the dress! 

Now these are proper stars. It’s out of stock on line but the smaller Bond Street & Other Stories store opposite Selfridges had four in stock yesterday. 

We haven’t finalised our summer plans yet but there will definitely be some beach and sunshine in there somewhere, and there you shall find me wafting in this dress, gold hoops and plain black sandals. I can’t wait!


I trust no one expected me to exercise restraint when faced with these beautiesHere they are on me. Despite the silly face, I love them!H&M jeans, H&M tshirt, Other Stories shoes. I actually really like them with jeans which is good as most of my going out gear is jeans, a black shirt and blazer. 

My justification for these gorgeous orange satin heels is simple. I have been looking for gold go-with-everything heels for ages. The kind many women have in their wardrobes and bring out year after year. I have always tended towards more statement shoes and don’t have any hardworking neutral heeled sandals. Here they are on me. Other Stories heels 

Can you see the gap at the back? I think I am going to keep them despite it. I am not a perfectionist and don’t think it will annoy me. What do you think? 

On to tops. I adore this shirt and am going to buy the matching culottes. I have to point out that it is a bit of a misnomer to call it a star cluster print though. The print is dotty, like a milkway perhaps but not starry. I love leopard print so I couldn’t wait to try this tshirt and dress

A big no to the dress, hugely unflattering on me which is a shame as it would be so useful. Leo dress and M&S mules. 

The tshirt stays though. I have a 38. 

Finally two outfits. 

I bought this skirt from Zara ages ago. It came with an extra strip of elasticated material that it took me some time to work out was a bandeau top. Yeah, not on me. H&M tshirt, Zara skirt (reduced to £19.99), Next pom pom mules

And today. Old & Other Stories dress, old Topshop Fig sandals. Yes, I’m in Other Stories. Yes, I made a purchase. I’ll share tomorrow. 

The woman from Del Monte

White jacket. Plus white trousers = ice cream man / man from Del Monte. Marks & Spencer trousers, H&M jacket, Cos t-shirt, M&S slides

I won’t wear this jacket and trousers together partly because as soon as I tried them on, my partner started making the Del Monte jokes. They’re almost a perfect match despite coming from different shops though. I might never take the trousers off. They’re not 100% flattering (though I think they look miles better in real life), they are cool, weightless and comfortable. I wasn’t going to buy the slides, they’ve been in my basket for weeks and I decided no. Then I went into my local M&S and they only had one pair of the frayed slides and they were in a 7. It felt fateful. I tried them though and put them back. The fact M&S tie their shoes together with some elastic shizz which makes them impossible to try on lead to an unfortunate incident where I was swearing, feet elastic banded together as a parent from my kids’ school walked past. All the class. 

Anyway, the shoe purchase was the shop assistant’s fault. She said I had an offer on my Sparks card which meant the sandals I was buying (shhhh, gold bling magic) made a second pair of shoes £4. Not bad. The slides came home with me too (consider sizing up) 

I bought this kimono cardigan too. I’ve mentioned before how much I love a coin detail. This was £40 which felt a bit steep but I really like it. Today I’m wearing it with a black tshirt and jeans but it will work well over a bikini for holiday too (mine is monochrome unlike the online M&S photos) Bad hair, I’m off to have to chopped at the hairdresser right now. H&M jeans, M&S slides, H&M tshirt, Marks and Spencer kimono cardigan

This denim dress has been in and out of my basket too. I tried it in store and am pleased I did as I needed to size up to an 18 (I am a 12)Trying it on in (a dark) store M&S cotton rich denim dress, Topshop sandals (sold out but oooh, look at these) It was a good buy as I wore (and washed it!) twice over the weekend. 

Back tomorrow with a few & Other Stories purchases 😉

Wish list

I was supposed to be going to Wimbledon next week and had decided to buy these amazing heels and wear them with a plain black dress. Now I’m not going to Wimbledon and am trying to decide if I can buy the shoes anyway. Can I resist? 

Trouble is that I want these too. They are such a beautiful colour. I’ve been looking for some gold strappy heels for a while and these look like a great alternative. I’m talking myself into this, I know. 

T-shirts can be really unflattering on my shape but & Other Stories ones tend to fit better. This Leo one I love and am going to buy.

I adore star prints and shirts and think this silk star shirt really needs to be mine. I’ve worn my Jack Wills one so much (see below) it’s going to start to look a bit worn out soon I fear. I’ve worn this outfit so many times you must be bored! Yesterday I went out with my sister for lunch and to an exhibition at the Museum of London. The sun has disappeared here in London and has been replaced with rainy, grey and a tad chilly weather. Old Jack Wills star shirt, H&M jeans, old Topshop mules, Zara crepe jacket, ancient See by Chloe bag. 

Today I am doing jobs around the house and starting to get organised for my daughter’s birthday and the summer holidays! I am determined to be better organised this year – last year the first week of the school holidays was chaos as I tried to prepare for our month in Italy with my daughters at home. Not this time. All old clothes – J Crew t-shirt, Isabella Oliver (now Baukjen) summer joggers, Warehouse jacket, Topshop sandals. I really like the sandals but the quality isn’t great and mine have started to rip at the sides. I did take them back but they didn’t have a replacement and so I decided to keep them anyway. 

Back tomorrow.