Last summer I bought the stunning Ancient Greek sandals I had wanted for years. I celebrated the run up to my 40th birthday in August 2016 with lots of holidays and the sandals got a LOT of wear. They’re still in the game but they are looking slightly battered. 

I was won over to the idea of one special, designer pair of summer sandals and started looking for “the pair” months ago. 

I didn’t find any that grabbed me so instead I’ve bought a few pairs of new ones from the High Street. Topshop – these aren’t leather (I didn’t realise) but are like walking on pillows! If the buckles are too blingy for you – I’ve seen these Birkenstock in real life and they’re great. 

These are from River Island and I’m really pleased with them. They’re khaki with gold toned studs. I have a 7/40. These are from Mango and are a bit more subdued. They’re leather and the quality is very good. (Pleased to see Mango are doing these again, I have and love them)

Back soon with some sunnies!


Nothing says Spring like the sight of cherry blossom. This is my blossom tree in my tiny London garden. It has brought me great happiness over the years. It’s a beautiful sign of hope, a floral promise that sunnier, happier days are on their way. 

Now I have blossom on my shoes too. Office Blossom mules

Old Zara jeans, & Other Stories black silk shirt – mine’s old but their newer version here (this one is on the way to me), Office mules (25% off with Grazie25) I’d say to size up if you’re in between sizes, All Saints jacket

Back soon. 

Leather jacket weather

I am recovering from three weeks of intense partying that have left me exhausted, spotty and bloated. Thankfully the weather is bright and sunny again which is lifting my mood and makes the very necessary daily exercise easier. It also means it is leather jacket weather which makes me very happy!

We went en masse to the countryside to celebrate my sister’s birthday at the weekend. Somerset in the sunshine is stunning (the M5 not so much!) Topshop sunnies (if you see a similar High St black pair – not the ££ Celine ones – please shout!), J Crew leather jacket, old scarf, Mac Relentlessly Red lipstick. 

My J Crew leather jacket was a small fortune but I really rate my ones from All Saints and Zara too. Our birthday gift to my sister was this Hush biker leather jacket which is like butter (size down) I’m making sure I get good cpw from mine!Old Zara stepped hem jeans, Topshop Karpenter loafers (the black patent are £20 cheaper but these are worth the extra in my humble opinion), H&M belt, Gap merino sweater, J Crew jacketASOS jeans from last year, Next flats, Topshop t-shirt, J Crew jacket

On Saturday night me and my sisters all got glammed up for a catered dinner at the house we were all staying in. I thought I’d wear a dress and I got it wrong – uncomfy, unflattering and a nightmare to dance in! Note to self – always take a Plan B outfit. H&M dress, Topshop heels. The prosecco was good though 😉 

I’ll be back when I’m feeling a bit brighter!

Red shacket & go faster shoes

What do you think of this jacket / shirt / shacket?I wanted it so much and now I’m not sure. I think it needs to soften up a bit. With Nike Air Max, Mango jeans, Topshop t-shirt

A note on the jeans. I really like them but they are a strange fit. I have a 14 on and they still feel fitted around the butt. Could be my recent partying catching up with me, could be they’re small to size. 

These shoes arrived too and I adore them. Impractical? Yes. Beautiful? Totally. & Other Stories mules with Mango jeans

I’m asking what you think knowing you can’t comment on the blog at the moment. I am on the case and trying to fix that. You can always email me at or message me / comment on my Instagram until then. 

Out out out out

It was my partner’s birthday last week and we went out for dinner to celebrate. I had my usual outfit crisis. 

I started in old Zara jeans, old Whistles silk top, new All Saints jacket and H&M heelsBut…. the jeans ripped at the bum! And I got the sizing wrong on the H&M heels so they’re actually a 41 not my usual 40 and even with an insole, they’re too big. 

So I changed into an outfit I love but that doesn’t photo well (so no photo!)My dad bought me this & Other Stories shirt for Christmas and I’ve worn it almost every time I’ve been out since! I really recommend it – it’s the perfect length and so nice to wear. I wore my Topshop leopard print heels too. 

Friday I went to meet some of my bestest friends. I’ve had some more ballyage done? put in? and was wearing new & Other Stories heels (to replace the H&M ones), All Saints jacket, & Other Stories leopard print silk shirt, Zara stepped hem jeans from last year, Next bag. And here with Helen Moore navy faux fur stole on top for warmth. 

And yester-day and night I was out again (no wonder I feel like death warmed up today!) celebrating my sister’s birthday. Zara stepped hem jeans, Topshop Karpenter loafers, old Jack Wills star shirt, All Saints blazer, Next bag (I changed into the Topshop leopard heels again for the evening celebrations)

While I remember, the red & Other Stories jacket I’ve been stalking (literally checking first thing every morning!) is finally in stock and just arrived as have the metallic loafers. I’ll report back tomorrow.