Winner dresses

I’m taking my smallest to a party then going for Sunday lunch with friends over from Germany so thought I’d make a bit of an effort.

I adore this ASOS leopard print dress. I have the Tall range one as it was the only one they had left in stock in my size. It’s so easy to throw on and it’s not fitted so it’s very forgiving and comfy to wear.

ASOS leopard dress, Stan Smiths,J Crew leather jacket, Chloe Mini Marcie.

On the subject of dresses, I am so pleased with these two Zara dresses. They are so easy to wear – sandals, gold hoops, sorted. They’re both just out of the box so a bit creased.

Red knot dress.

Dark khaki dressBoth with & Other Stories gold hoops (sold out but I have these too) and Ancient Greek sandals.

Now all I need is some sunshine!

Back soon.

All change

I was supposed to be going out for lunch yesterday and I was planning to get dressed up a bit. I thought I’d wear the palm print suit I blogged the other day. I was thinking I’d have to go through my daughter’s wardrobe to try and dig out one of my black J Crew merino Tippis (she slowly pinched them all over the winter months) because there’s been a real chill in the air in London this week. Alas the lunch is cancelled so no outing for the new suit.

Instead I stayed in my gym gear all day and we had fajitas and tacos and a movie night. After a week (week days!) of abstinence and lots of exercise, I enjoyed a few glasses of wine too. Happy days!

Today we have been for a family swim and are going out for an early dinner with friends. I struggled with what to wear again. It’s chilly, grey and wet in London but still Spring and all my warm stuff is put away.

Old Zara stepped hem jeans, & Other Stories shirt and heels, All Saints jacket.

We have a busy rest of the weekend but mostly sport related this week rather than eating and drinking like the last one. I’ll be back soon when I am wearing something other than gym gear.


I don’t think I have ever worn a wrap dress.  I know they’re commonly recommended for women with larger chests but seeing as they “wrap” around the tummy – my biggest part – I’ve never thought they were for me (as you’ll see, I was right)

They’re everywhere at the moment though and of course I could’t resist.

The obsession started with this red one which was probably the best on. red frill dressI didn’t really know how to wrap the belt part. I definitely looked better with it tied at the back but it made the back view unflattering. What I do know is that I like this colour and I just need to find it in a different dress. Unless I put a button on the side…? Possible.

I ordered this longer floral wrap dress to try thinking the print might deflect from any tummy dress 2.jpgOkay-ish from the front. Awful at the back.

Skirts are often not that kind to me either but I have become mildy obsessed with this peony print and ordered the wrap skirt in case I hated the dress.  I was thinking I could wear it with a simple black skirt floralYeah, maybe not. (Excuse the odd foot and generally dishevelled appearance – the man collecting my broken down car arrived mid trying on session and I’d thrown a sweatshirt on over this)

To conclude the wrap trial, I ordered this dress which has a false wrap as the waist is actually print stories dressI didn’t mind this but I have a similar starry one from last year and my partner absolutely hates it. This would be great if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding (and don’t mind whipping a boob out the top)

If wrap dresses are for you this Next spotty wrap dress is less than £40 and looks pretty.

So, all mine are going back and I’m done with wrap dresses. Now I’m on the look out for a bright red/orange dress!

A few other bits I have my eye shirt printI didn’t buy this green shirt because I am waiting to sell a few more bits on eBay before I splurge again, but it is in my basket.

yellow shirt loveI didn’t see this yellow shirt but it will be mine one day soon.  It makes me feel happy just looking at it! Denim shorts, simple sandals, perfect!)

orange topI can’t remember how long it is since I last wore a halter neck but this orange silky looking top has grabbed my fancy.

Of course the top above led to a halterneck search and Zara offered up this dress.  It definitely looks worth a try to me. pink dress

Then I saw this tie neck halter neck in my favourite green. green halterneck

I saw this dress on the Zara website and liked the colour but thought the knotted front would do nothing for me.  Then I saw it on someone on my Instagram feed (sorry if it was you, I’d have linked to you but have forgotten who it was) and now I want it!red knot dress

Then this dress.  It could look like a sack, it could look like paired back summer in the city chic. khaki dress

Finishing with yesterday’s outfit.

photo-6I took this River Island top (now reduced to £20) on holiday to Mauritius but it was too warm to wear it.  I really enjoyed wearing it for the first time yesterday (my car broke down so it wasn’t a good day otherwise!) with really old Zara jeans and Stan Smiths.

I’m going out for lunch tomorrow so will be back before that assuming I’m happy with what I am wearing. Let me know if you’ve seen any good dresses!

A palm print suit

Not exactly subtle, is it?!IMG_4334I haven’t taken the tags off yet because I can’t decide whether to keep it. The material is unlined – it is meant to be a summer suit – and is possibly just a tad shiny when I look at it on the hanger.  When I put it on though it feels comfortable and there is something about it I just love.  photo-10Here it is on me with a black Topshop cami (similar here) and Marks & Spencer heels. I would wear different shoes, trainers even.

I like the print a lot though I didn’t read the description properly and thought it was black – it’s navy.IMG_4335 I like the trousers and jacket on their own and definitely wear enough plain top/jeans combos to jazz up with a printed jacket / printed trousers with a plain tee and jacket.IMG_4336photo-9Here is the jacket with Zara jeans and a Cos black tshirt – these are brilliant basics for £15.  (The necklace throughout is the Hoochie Mama one my kids got me that I always wear) I have a 12 in the jacket. It doesn’t have any buttons which is fine for me as I never do my jackets up anyway.

photo-4Here are the trousers with an old Topshop cami and Ancient Greek Niki sandals. The trousers have an elasticated waist with a small pleat at the front that makes them look like they do up (can you tell I don’t know how to explain it? See Zara’s photo below) I have a size L.IMG_4333I am going to keep it in my wardrobe for a while and see if I turn to it. I’ll let you know.

Back tomorrow.

Cream tops & jeans and new sunnies

I’ve been busy enjoying the sunshine and frankly burning the candle at both ends. I’m going to be taking it easy for the next week or two and getting back to some serious exercise.

On to outfits. What to wear when it’s suddenly 28oC and you’re going out at 530 on the dirty tube for the evening out that might finish late (& be chilly)? It was a dilemma and I should’ve gone with a dress as I was so hot!Old Zara jeans, last year’s H&M gold mules, last year’s Next cream balloon sleeve top, old Zara leopard studded belt, Topshop bag (sold out)

(On the subject of bags, I’ve just ordered another of these bags as I use mine everyday and it’s brilliant value for money). Another cream top and jeans combo. The top was from Mango last year and the quality is not good. The jeans are from ASOS 3 years ago. I am holding my Marimekko makeup bag and Chloe Mini Marcie. I eventually put my Ancient Greek Niki sandals on.

Here I am in some new sunnies – tributes to the Saint Laurent Loulous.Mine were from Urban Outfitters.

Back tomorrow.