I love this jumper. It’s red (orange according to my sister – red according to & Other Stories and me), it’s properly warm, it has unnatural fibres in but isn’t at all sweaty, the neck stays up. All very good things. No wonder I look so pleased with myself 😉 Stories jumper, Zara jeans, old Acne Pistols.

We celebrated my sister’s birthday today and then went and got our Christmas tree. We have a big family meal out tomorrow so I might wear one of my new tops from my Zara haul. More on that in the next day or two.

Back soon.

Red, green and grey

Finally some colour!

Starting with the red, my totally favourite recent purchase.I must admit that the oversized jumper trend isn’t the easiest on a big chest but this jumper makes me so happy, I just don’t care. It’s very oversized, I have a M.

On to this green H&M top. Of course the Black Friday 20% off H&M has just ended but at £17.99 these tops are pretty reasonably. Beware, there isn’t a natural fibre in sight so they aren’t for everyone. I’ve stopped buying quantity in favour of quality but I really couldn’t resist these – my soft spot for star print is well documented, the brightness of the green, and the miraculous slimming effect of the ruching on the tummy.

I’m not demonstrating the slimming effects that well, you’ll have to trust me on this one. I have the green and this divine star print too.

Today I’m back to my comfort zone in black and grey.

Old Zara coated skinnies, old Acne shearling lined Pistols, old Iris & Ink cashmere roll neck, Erdem X H&M jacket.

I’ve never been sure about these boots, I don’t think I like them very much at all. They are super warm and very comfortable too though which suits me today.

Back soon with my new Christmas top.

Another day, another skirt

I got into wearing skirts when I came back from my epic summer of holidays carrying almost 2 stone extra in weight and nothing else fit. Seven weeks of the 5:2 fast and lots of exercise has sorted that out but I can’t shake the elastic waistband habit.

Hush Marina skirt (how much love I have for this one and this too), & Other Stories silk shirt, Topshop cone heeled mid length boots from last year. These are similar in a gorgeous rust colour, I also have these which are a bit higher in the leg and heel and on sale.

It’s hard to get a decent snap of the skirt but the top layer is see through which makes it ideal for wearing with longer boots, it also has really good pockets which is a total plus in my book.

Before I go, I’ve notice lots of other bloggers marking their clothes “gifted” etc. Just to be clear, I won’t be doing that because I buy all of my clothes, nothing is gifted to me and I don’t do sponsored posts.

I do use affiliate links. This means that I earn a small amount of commission if you click on a link and buy something. The majority of shops I buy my clothes from (and thus link to) aren’t part of the affiliate scheme.

Back soon.


Every year me and three of my eldest sisters go away for a weekend together. We see a lot of each other in every day life but there’s something very special about two whole days and nights together – getting ready to go out, waking up to your sister’s snoring ;-), eating breakfast together. Happy times.

My sisters love going abroad (they adore Paris) but we had planned to go back to Italy this year. In the end the Ryan Air / Monaco fiascos made us decide to spend our weekend together nearer to home in Bristol instead. We had a lovely weekend. We stayed in Clifton and could walk just about everywhere we wanted to go. (On that note, a huge thank you to everyone on Instagram who recommended places to eat and drink)

On to clothes, I really struggle to pack light. Seems I also struggle to pack anything light – all black for me!

To travel I wore my Mango coat, old Theory navy leather leggings, Office boots (similar here), Topshop starry shirt (old but I have this one too).

Friday night out on the town – cocktails in Milk Thistle, dinner in Shop 3 Bistro and dancing and Dark and Stormies in various locations across Bristol!

& Other Stories shirt, last year’s Zara faux fur coat (very similar here), old Zara leather flares, old Zara sock boots. I still love the faux fur coat. My sister has this slightly longer one from Mango which is just gorgeous on. Moody shot outside a club.

We spent Saturday in Bristol Lido, I had one of the best massages I’ve ever had but bafflingly they have no relaxation space apart from the hot tub or restaurant. Luckily our Air BnB apartment was only five minutes walk away so we nipped back for a little rejuvenating nap.

This morning we went for a long bracing walk. I didn’t realise how much colder than London it would be and had to break out my new beret for warmth!

Boden cashmere roll neck, old Zara coated skinnies, Stan Smiths, Topshop beret (black has sold out but grey here)

I’m on the train home now, ready to give my liver some TLC before the Christmas festivities start in a few weeks.

Back soon.


Yesterday I took my kid to a party. As we were going out my partner asked if it was a fancy dress party. After a mad scrabble around the kitchen looking for the invitation I confirmed no, it was not. Much laughter followed, it was a reference to my outfit- “Are you dressed as Mozart?” Ha ha. No bother, I ADORE this shirt and no jokes are putting me off.

Stories shirt, old Zara coated jeans, old Zara sock boots, old Topshop leopard coat. Stories shirt, I have a 40. It comes in a rather splendid purple too.

Back soon.