Toasty toes & witch boots

My children have a habit of giving my footwear names. We have the Clown Shoes (Nike Air Max), Plastic Buckets (leather Uggs) and now the Age Concern boots. Seriously, these boots are divine to sink your feet into. I had hoped they’d look a bit more, I don’t know, maybe hiking boot like. BUT. The comfort factor won me over.

Zara jeans, Sorel boots, & Other Stories jumper, old cashmere Cos scarf, old Topshop coat, Chloe Mini Marcie bag, old Topshop sunnies.

Having not worn skinnies for a few years I am dabbling again. Interesting to note how big my calves have grown through exercise. These Zara jeans are great but definitely for slimmer legs, they pulled a bit on me when I was climbed a tree in the park (with my kids I should add)

Thank you to everyone who commented on my IG post about warm boots and made recommendations – they were all very much appreciated.

These boots are at the other end of the spectrum.

These will be known as the Pointed Witch Boots. Here with Zara jeans (they’re high waisted which I don’t like so mine are held together with a hairband!), Zara boots, Stories jumper.

The heel is 7cm so perfectly wearable. There is a zip up the side so you can keep them laced. I really like them.

Here with a dress which has gone back as it made me feel highly flammable! I tried this earlier this week too and returned it – it was very short even for this mini lover.

Red dress, boots.

Enjoy bonfire night.

Back soon.


I feel like I’ve not enjoyed a moment of silence in a long time. I love having my kids off school but a growth/development spurt has meant my little one can’t bear to be parted from me. Even after I’ve spent an hour or more putting her to bed. Pad, pad and there she is. I am tired.

Today is the last day of the holidays here and it was a cold one.

Zara jeans, old Stan Smith hi tops, old Boden cashmere roll neck (why oh why they haven’t done them in the years since I got this), my mum’s Zara cape, old Topshop sunglasses.

I love this cape. This black one is current Zara and looks rather special too.

And here I am doing my best impression of a caped crusader. Back soon.

It’s too cold already

So the weather is turning. Last weekend I was too hot with a leather jacket over my dress, yesterday I was chilly in cashmere.

Old Gap jeans, old Ugg boots, Iris and Ink cashmere roll neck, Woolwich parka, old Topshop sunnies, old H&M cashmere scarf.

I was supposed to be wearing the Moschino padded jacket I bought from the Outnet last year but when we arrived for our countryside walk we realised my daughter didn’t bring a coat. Very luckily we had a box of winter stuff in the back of the car with my parka in.

I had a look on line for similar jackets to my Moschino one and found two great ones. This looks like the longer version and this one looks brilliant. They are very good quality coats. I’m fearful mine is going to be permanently pilfered by my daughter!

The boots are ancient and have seen better days. I’m looking at a Sorel pair at the moment but can’t decide which to go for. I want ones I can wear in London for park walks and lunch and at the weekend for slightly more muddy country walks.

Back soon.


I haven’t done a beauty post in a while but I have a few new things that I love and want to share.

Starting with the Holy Grail of mascaras. Hourglass Caution Extreme Lash. It looks great for day with just a coat or two – I don’t wear any other eye make up when I’m wearing a bold lipstick and this makes me eyes look bright and awake.

For evening, I use it with this YSL primer, another brilliant buy. I’d never used a primer under my mascara before but I won’t be without this now. It gives an extra oomph to your mascara and definitely helps with the longevity.

This IT CC Your Skin But Better is lovely and buildable. I like a decent coverage foundation and have been a faithful Estée Lauder Double Wear user for years but this has won my heart. It’s so easy to put on and I like that one pump is great for day, two for days when I need it to last until evening. It has F50 SPF too.

I can’t mention IT without sharing what is still one of my favourite mascaras ever. The Hourglass has bumped it out of my every day routine but when I need a glossier, vamped up mascara, there is none better than this.

I bought this Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer when I bought the much hyped Power Fabric foundation last year. I hated the foundation (my 19 year old sister with flawless skin was a huge fan) but I really like this and use it as a blusher. It was too pale for summer under my tan/bronzer but I love it for winter. Apparently it’s what they use on Armani brides.

This concealer is new and getting rave reviews so I thought I’d mention it. I know lots of people who love it. I quite like it but I won’t rebuy it. I’ve gone back to my Laura Mercier concealer with a dab of this Magic Away on top when I’m out and need a light top up.

In general though, I love Charlotte Tilbury products. If I had to choose one eye product to use forever, it would be this eye shadow quartet. It’s easy to use and is the perfect day – night palette. For day I smudge the brown mixed with the reddy shade on my lash line, add mascara and I’m done. It really makes green/grey eyes “pop”. For a bolder look the 4 colours blend together beautifully and the gold really is a stand out, highly pigmented wow of an eye shadow. I have this Tom Ford gold quad too and prefer the Dolce Vita. I have a lot of the quads – the only one I’ve not really got on with is the Rock Chick but I am still trying.

The Charlotte Tilbury Rock’n’Kohl eye pencils are brilliant too. I use Barbarella Brown almost every day (I soften it with the brown shadow from the Dolce Vita quad) and Bedroom Black when I am going out. They go on like a dream even on my wrinkled eye area and if you’re quick you can smudge them easily but once it is set, it’s on for the day.

But hold the front page, the Queen of Liquid Liners. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

I’ve been trying some new skincare this last week or so. I’ll report back in a few weeks if I see any major difference. I was initially very impressed with the day cream but am not sure it’s creamy enough for my winter skin. The night cream I am really not sure about. I use several The Ordinary products under it and expect to wake up still being able to feel a smidge of moisture on my skin but not with this cream on top. I’m going to keep trying for another few weeks but I may be putting my favourite Darphin on my Christmas list.

Back soon!


It’s the first day of half term here and though it’s beautifully sunny, there is suddenly a real chill in the air (I almost froze running to the corner shop in my flip flops and pyjamas at 7:30am to buy milk ;-))

Today we are going out with my sister and 2 year old niece – I’m expecting lots of running around and rolling around on the floor.

Zara jeans, Air & Grace trainers, & Other Stories cashmere jumper (v similar), Erdem X H&M jacket, Stories scarf.

The jeans are the Venice blue wash but I have the Portobello ones too and really love that shade.

My grey cashmere jumper was from Stories last year, I have the green from the year before too. They’ve both sold out but I’m buying this one this week – they’re soft and wash excellently on a machine hand wash with a splash of this Woolite.

Back soon.