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Something Speziale (sic)

This coat isn’t just Per Una, it’s Per Una Speziale. My partner passionately hates it but I really rather like it. It is cold today and I fancied something I could really snuggle up in.
I’m wearing it with a Uniqlo grey cashmere roll neck, Gap denim waistcoat (which I shall remove with the coat), Zara dark denim jeans and shearling lined Acne Pistols. I have a Uniqlo Heattech roll neck on under the cashmere jumper. They are great if you get itchy like me.

Hope you’re having a good Friday.

Sales Shopping

I said I wouldn’t do it this year but………….

I dragged my sister out yesterday with me as the other Wornout ladies were busy.

Ahhh my sister! My sister is very good at helping me shop. I can be sure at least one of the following stock sales shopping statements will be muttered by her during our expedition together:

Adopt sisterly voice.

1. Put those back, they are vile.
2. You are too old for (insert item name)
3. Where do you think you are going in that?
4. Can we now stop for tea and cake please? I’m done.

I still love her very much.

I’m pleased to say all my outfit today was either purchased in sale or with discount.

Happy sales shopping to you all.

Acne Pistols
Citizens of Humanity jeans (still too short for supposedly longer length jeans)
Joseph Cashmere roll neck
Joseph Navy poncho
Gerard Darel grey 24 hour bag
Gerard Darel Gloves and beanie.
RayBan Jackie O Sunglasses
Lots of thermals


The Great Pretenders

I’ve been trying to be a little more creative, a little more interesting, a little more individual in how I dress.  Aren’t we all?!  And yet, I’m finding it really hard to do.  Finite amounts of time and money really limit how individual one can be.

For instance, I don’t want to buy Acne Pistols: they are everywhere.  But what other boot has that great angle to the heel?  The high, but not too high heel?  The lovely shaped toe?  The narrow ankle opening?  The beautiful colour options?  No wonder the High Street then shamelessly copies them, and we all flock to buy them or the high street, err, “tributes”.

Another example.  The Acne Star boots.  They are £400.  Ridiculous.  But look at the styling – aren’t they great?!  The heel is actually too high for comfort, but the angles and shaping are lovely.  Making a fairly practical every day ankle boot look elegant: that takes some doing.

Black Matte Finish Star Ankle Boots by Acne

No wonder I bought the TopShop Anarchy version:

TopShop Anarchy boots (also available in tan)

Similarly, I have wanted a leather jacket for a while; something slightly different from a standard biker.  Especially as I already have a wool one.  So, you can imagine my utter delight when I saw that Mango are doing another “tribute” to Rick Owens’ biker.  I don’t really want a copy cat jacket, as I wanted something a little more unique.  But LOOK AT IT!  Its just so gorgeous.  But at £1320, its not for me.

Rick Owens | Blister washed-leather biker jacket | NET-A-PORTER.COM

So, is it any wonder I ordered the Mango version for £170, last night?

Maxi flap leather jacket

And here I am, in the Great Pretenders: Mango maxi flap jacket (this is a M and I have ordered S to get the snug fit that the ribbed panels allow)  |  Denim pencil skirt and opaques  |  TopShop Anarchy boots


20130923-203848.jpgAnd underneath it, my new bling, from Zara: I really am struggling to move away from the herd.


Mind you, I did manage to find this utterly beautiful tartan blanket sized scarf the other week.  Its not, of itself, a terribly individual item, but it is an English brand that I’ve not heard of before, so its a step in the right direction.



Bolt of the blue

Since I am all rugged up in my warmest clothes – cashmere, Heattech and my decidedly practical looking North Face coat – the only real variety I could easily add this morning was via different earrings.  I probably look a bit bizarre heading off to playgroup with chandelier earrings, but as a nice lady who helps run the playgroup said to me “if you don’t wear them to playgroup, just where are you going to wear them”?  Too true.

Today’s outfit is a navy cashmere Pure Collection cardigan, the Zara super skinny jeans (the 2nd pair), white Primark long sleeved top and Kurt Geiger ankle boots.



Chandelier earrings from Oliver Bonas (definitely a store worth having a browse in for pretty costume jewellery pieces.  Especially if you like the delicate look of Alex Monroe, but are thinking cheaper.  Obviously, the quality reflects the price, but they stock lovely items).

Now, you may remember that a while ago I went to the My-Wardrobe SS13 preview, and was quite taken with the cobalt blue Pistols.  Reader, they are in stock (exclusively at My-Wardrobe, for £350)!  And Daily Mail, only slightly behind, has done an advert/article on them today, although they seem to be labouring under the illusion that there is a waiting list.  Mmm, not yet there isn’t…

Pistol Shorts Side Zip Suede Ankle Boot by Acne

I am a practical girl, though, and think that, since I destroy suede (one of my many gifts), I will be looking to these Opening Ceremony Brenda deep blue glitter leather chelsea boots (£254).  Leather is the better choice for me.  And these have a little flash to cheer the soul.


Brenda is very versatile, as she also comes in a pretty blush pink, if you prefer: WOOPTT800002BLH

Being frilly

I don’t go “out” (ie sans children and/or of an evening) often enough.  Which means some of my pretty things are sitting sadly in the wardrobe, waiting, waiting, waiting to be worn.  Such as this gorgeous orange wool jacket I bought on a whim a couple of years ago from TopShop.  I love wearing it, so decided to put it on for a trip to M&S.  I have also been known to don smoky eye make up and sparkly “jewels” for mundane days at home.   You get your glamour fix where you can, no?



Now, we have a big coat cupboard, so I am going to try and dig out some others.  Even just to give the wonderful H&M wool mix biker a break!

Moving on to items that aren’t quite in my wardrobe, but are shortly to be found at my-wardrobe (oh, the wit!)…  I went to their Spring Summer 13 preview.  Of all the lovely things on show, here’s what *really* struck me:

1. Mother of Pearl

This isn’t a brand I am familiar with, but look at the incredible prints on this top and dress (oh, hello Bambi!).  Wearable art.





2. Acne Pistols in cobalt blue suede

Bang! Bang!  Aren’t these amazing?!  Incredibly vibrant and striking.



3. Mawi earrings

At least I think that’s the brand these beauties are – I was in the middle of admiring them when my toddler woke up early from her nap.  That ended my lovely browsing session…