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My Furry Friend

Around this time last year, I met with a friend from Germany for brunch. An early Saturday morning in a crisply autumnal London, off to drink coffee and talk husbands and children and clothes … my heart was already singing but when I saw the gilet she was wearing, its voice positively soared. Most shearling looks, on me at least, muppety and bulky, a bit cavewoman, a bit Family Pet. But the chunky knitted back on this one, combined with the silky waterfall of grey sheepskin to the front was far more forgiving and enticing.

I suppose there are people out there who jealously guard their fab finds, but this fashion fairy didn’t hesitate to track down a gilet for me and parcel post it over from Germany. I adore it, and resurrecting it this year is taking the sting out of my moodiness about the demise of summer, at least somewhat.

Sweater, Gap. Jeans, Goldsign Misfit.


Trainers from New Look


It’s versatile too: last week it took me from a chilly, bright day at the park with my youngest, playing football and pirates, to an evening at a London Design Festival event, give or take a pair of trainers and a belt or so.

Cos dress, Falke tights, New Look boots, Topshop snakeskin clutch, Primark belt, Louis Vuitton scarf

So although I’m not in the market for any more grey shearling, I must just rhapsodise briefly over two I tried on last week. There’s approximately a £2,000 price difference between the two, but we won’t dwell on that. They’re both sublime.

Acne Alison coat, approx £2200


Massimo Dutti combined fur jacket, £265

Lady in Red

Well a red jumper at least. And yes I know its August but I am in a jumper and boots as autumn appears to have arrived.

The jumper is Gap, Jeans Miss Selfridge and the Boots Acne Pistols.

Now how lovely would this Marant star necklace look with my jumper?

It is very similar to the Massimo Dutti one that Eve and Sarah both have so if anyone sees anything similar please let me know – thanks!

Kitten heels

I recently read an article about the return of kitten heels, and I have to say I was secretly pleased. I know a lot of people regard them as an affront to good taste, but if you are short (yes) and really struggle to wear proper heels (yes – Manolo D’Orsay pumps I am looking at you, yes, you who reduced me to tears at a recent wedding) then they could be the answer to your prayers.

I have a recurring conversation with other women about shoes, and why they are so damn uncomfortable. Well, it’s not rocket science is it? Most of the well known shoe designers are men who will never have to endure the pain inflicted by their beautiful creations.

Anyway when I’m thinking of kitten heels I don’t mean the Clarks type (with all due respect to Clarks) to be accompanied by comfy slacks and a nice padded gilet. No. I’m more thinking about this kind of look from J Crew

So in my research I have found an Acne pair. Well there’s the proof I needed, if Acne the apotheosis of cool do them, I’m definitely on to something

I totally love the colour of these Jimmy Choos

This LK Bennett Buryis a more reasonable price and good colour

And here is the pair to try out the trend, bargain kittens from A Wear 

I shall seek them out and report back!