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Making an effort

My life has been a sartorial wasteland lately. What happens when the temperature drops dramatically and you want to be warm and cosy at home? Yes, that’s right, your boiler breaks down. This seems to be a constant theme in my life and this time just to add a bit of excitement into the mix, the boiler has an intermittent fault which has the engineer flummoxed, so sometimes we have heat and sometimes we don’t – central heating Russian roulette! Given that I have some kind of mutant circulation which causes my body to be cold even at the height of summer (I was the only person in Sydney wearing a cardigan on a 35 degree summers day!) I am not enjoying life much at the moment. Harrumph.

So I have been wearing layer upon layer upon layer, which is not a good look and makes me feel grotty. Sigh. At the weekend though we had a family lunch in a house with proper heating so I was able to shed a few layers at least. I wore a long-sleeved silk thermal vest, a silk top, my ASOS sequin jacket, my Gerard Darel blazer, which is one of my favorite items of clothing ever -look at those shoulders! MiH paris, and my Edelman Adenas. On my nails i had Chanel rouge Noir with a layer of Lamcome Le Vernis on top. I love the colours of Chanel nail varnish, but no matter what I do it chips within hours.





I’m trying a new layering approach today, nothing slouchy or oversized, I have realized that is bad for morale!

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Happy days

It’s cold, damp and grey here today but two things have happened in the last hour that have immeasurably improved my mood. First the postman brought me these Sam Edelman Adenas

Oh I love them, thanks so much to Gina for last weeks post which inspired their purchase!

My day started with a quick trip to the shops post school run. I had noticed the Christmas wrapping paper creep in about a month ago, and last week I was handed a catalogue for M&S Christmas food. I know retailers are desperate at the moment but it’s only October. Grrr. Anyhow this morning there were fully decorated Christmas trees in the entrance to Marks and Spencer and that really made me so cross. So I was feeling very ‘Bah, Humbug’ when I came home and opened my emails only to receive a Christmas video from Selfridges. On the 19th of October!!

However, I watched it, and it was fab and it was made by Bruce Weber and reminded me of the video of ‘Being Boring’ that he made for the Pet Shop Boys which I absolutely adored. I just looked it up and I was 21 when it was released, a student in Trinity College, Dublin and having the time of my life. I remember recording this from the tv and watching it over and over, it was so impossibly glamorous and romantic. Happy days. Thanks for the memories Selfridges!

Watch the video here, I hope it makes you smile