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My perfect rain coat

I have just posted this on the workwear edit, but I thought some of our lovely AllWornOut readers might be looking for a rain coat, too.  My apologies for the duplication, if you read both blogs!

I loathe being wet, and decided I needed a rain coat, and that it needed to be:

  • black;
  • smart (ie not overly “practical” looking);
  • affordable; and
  • waterproof.  There are lots of terms used like “shower proof”, “storm proof”, “water resistant” and “water repellent”.  I still don’t know exactly what they mean, but I feel they must offer lesser protection than a “water proof” coat.

So, after hours of shopping online and, even, a little, in stores this is the perfect rain coat for me: TRESPASS | Manhattan rain coat in black | £39.43 (size S).  Here are the website photos:

Here’s how it looks on me (please excuse poor photos – Santa is bringing me a camera for Christmas, once I decide on one…):







VERDICT: This Trespass Manhattan coat is the rain coat for me, as it ticks all my boxes, including having a hood that doesn’t engulf my face.  Its not too thick and its not too thin (its lightly padded).  While its a performance coat, and has a little of that look, I think its smart enough that I could wear it most places.  However, the key deciding factor for me was that I liked wearing it when I put it on, and felt like I could brave a storm and be dry, while still being able to comfortably move around in it.  Now that I have found my rain coat, naturally, the weather has since been mostly dry [sardonic smile].

The rain coats that I tried on and returned were:

– MARKS & SPENCER | M&S Collection Faux Fur Hooded Parka with Stormwear™ | £79 (in size S): This was too thick and bulky.  Also it is water repellent | storm proof, and the sales assistants at M&S couldn’t clarify what that actually meant ie how long and in what sort of rain would I stay dry;

– AIGLE | Rainylong waterproof jacket | £70 (in size S): This was too lightweight: I would have been able to feel heavy rain through it, and I just didn’t love the shape on me; and

– TRESPASS | Alissa Waterproof Outdoor Jacket | £50 (in size S): I ordered this with the Manhattan, and expected to keep the Alissa and return the Manhattan.  However, despite how it looks in the website photos, the Alissa is quite unflattering on me as it really flared out from my waist, giving me an odd shape.

The necessities of life

It’s a dull subject I know, but I have been quite preoccupied by Wellington boots lately. If you live in this part of the world they are an essential piece of kit. This time last year I was happy with my welly situation – I had a great pair of glossy back Ralph Lauren’s lined with red neoprene, they were everything I needed in a rubber boot! They were destroyed in our flood though and I replaced them with a pair of Hunters. I just did not like them at all, I found them clumpy and akward to walk in. So they went to ebay, and I searched on. I spent ages locating a pair of Aigle as I had heard great things about them, but I found them too similar to the Hunters. Then, last week when I was looking for something else entirely, I found what I had been looking for, in Aldo of all places. A welly that doesn’t look, or feel, like a welly. It doesn’t have the usual chunky, moulded sole, it’s light and sleek and so comfortable to walk in. Success!


I’m not sure about the strap, I think I prefer them without. I can’t find them on the UK Aldo site, and mine were the last pair in my size, but the assistant said they would be getting more stock in so maybe check the website in a day or two.