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The Transformer

Well, here’s hoping anyway!!! I bought this lovely denim shirt from H&M last week for a thrifty £15. At first it seemed a bit early ’90’s, but then the other Worn Out ladies were so encouraging about its versatility that I am thinking it will be The Transformer. You know, one of those items that goes with many things and transforms your wardrobe by adding a new look to existing items.

Today I have worn it just like I used to. Old School style, literally, as I had a Levi’s denim shirt I used to wear to school with leggings. The leggings are American Apparel and the silver leather ballets are London Rebel from ASOS. A wonder purchase at only £22.

Anyway, I plan to bring out denim shirt to make my TopShop pleather leggings more wearable for daytime, wear it with a black miniskirt, tights and ankle boots, and also with my white Baxter skinnies. How’s that for transforming?!


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