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You’ve Been Tango’d

I’ve never been one for a fake tan (Asian skin: it’s saved me a lot of time, money, effort and streakiness, I suspect) but orange seems to have featured heavily in what I’ve worn out this week.

First up, and oh-so-glamorously, a hospital appointment. Now, when the nurse commented on the ducks on my Primark blouse and joked that I’d “gone quackers’, I did wonder if perhaps I was meant to be at the other hospital, the one across the road here in this sunny corner of SE London, which treats psychiatric patients. In fact, I wondered whether I’d gone quackers in buying/ wearing the blouse at all, since the big bow is not really my style, although I have since warmed to it.


Duck blouse, Primark. Trousers, H&M. Gold sandals, ASOS.

Anyway. One consultation and one X-Ray later and I left with the happy news that the pneumonia which has plagued me since April, made me a breathless wreck with the hacking cough of an old man at the pub and stopped my marathon training in its tracks has finally departed these lungs and I am back to good health, albeit with a lot of respiratory fitness to re-build up.

So, to celebrate, I headed to Runners Need in town, had a new gait assessment and bought brand new shoes (I also met Ann WornOut for a champers or two in Selfridges … I found her in the Louboutin section of the Shoe Galleries which made my uber-chunky Brooks trainers in their shiny white plastic bag look less appealing than ever ….) And then today … dah dah DAAAH… I went for a run. Only a couple of miles, mind, (the doctor said to take it slow) but it felt so good to be out there again, even if way harder than it felt a few months ago when I was training 5-6 times a week. I was so excited to be wearing my running gear again that I took a photo; like the shoes, it’s all from Runners Need.

As a final touch to my tango-tastic week, we went to a wedding reception last night, to which I wore a purchase from my-wardrobe last year, a Winter Kate halterneck maxi in orange silk. Since it’s been such a rubbish summer, I’ve not had much occasion to wear it this year so last night seemed the perfect opportunity. With it, I wore my gold winged sandals by Ancient Greek Sandals, available on netaporter.

Speaking of sandals, I linked the other day to a pair of Kurt Geiger flats I’d bought. Or that I thought I’d bought. I’m not sure what happened, but when it occurred to me a few days later that I’d not had the confirmation email, I did a bit of investigating and – nope, no purchase. And of course now they’re no longer available in my size. What happened?? Maybe I really am going quackers.


Winter Kate Passenger floral halter maxi in orange silk