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Tribute to Tracey

I love the way Tracey works her white jeans.  It’s a look I usually have to avoid as I just don’t have the ability to keep them spot free throughout the day.  However the kids are safely at school and the sun is out so I thought I’d give it a whirl.

I’ve got a horribly busy day, lots of meetings (not the type that require ‘smart’ clothes), a very important product launch and lots of other stuff I won’t bore you with.  But I’m taking my mind off it by dressing like I’m off for a stroll in Paris!  I’m also very very excited  because I have a date t/m with lots of my Wornout friends.  Alas the meeting venue is very near lots of lovely shops so it could be dangerous!




The shirt is new and a bit of a splurge.  It’s from the Whistles limited collection (as AM explained earlier – linking from the whistles website is impossible so I can’t!).  I’m justifying it on a cost per wear basis as I think it’ll be something I use a lot.  Here’s a detail as you really can’t see what the heck it’s like from the picture


I have no idea where I got the jeans from…it was years ago and I can’t check the label right now (people might notice me pulling down my trousers at work).

But I have to say these sandals, though plain and possibly boring have been my buy of the year.  They were £6 reduced from £12 at Primark.  Real leather and so so comfortable.  I have worn them constantly.  I will be very upset when they fall apart, which no doubt they will one day.

Bag is Anya Hindmarch (sale).






I’ve got the ebay fever

Seriously I have.  Its my new addiction thankfully for selling rather than buying.  I keep going through my wardrobe looking for more stuff to sell and am checking my selling page about every half an hour and getting ridiculously excited at every new bid.  The Lily &Lionel Asher blue scarf will be mine sooon.  And how nice will it look with my mini Gracie?

Today am wearing River Island skinnies,  Jigsaw broderie top, Shourouk necklace and mini-Gracie which I’ve doubled the straps over to get it to be a better length on me.



Gracie – should she stay or should she go?

I just don’t know what to do about Gracie, I keep looking lovingly at her, but I never actually use her. I thought she was raspberry when I bought her (damn that computer screen), and if she was raspberry I would be tucking her up in bed beside me every night because I would love her so much. But, she’s not. She’s fuchsia, and I’m just not mad about fuchsia. Hmm. Maybe I’m just being precious, who care’s if the shade is a bit off? Well, sad to say I do. I feel very shallow typing that!

She has a lot going for her. She’s a great size, lovely soft leather, I love the pleating and the clasp at the front, the strap is a good length. It’s really just the colour.

So, would you accept her for what she is – lovely but just not perfect, or give her the push? She has been sitting in her dust bag for months now, it’s not fair to leave her in there is it?

(Sorry for making you tilt your head to look at her, I just can’t get the picture to rotate!)

That blue…

Cobalt, azure, electric, Yves Klein blue, call it what you will, it’s a beautiful shade.

Yves Saint Laurent liked it so much he decorated his house and garden in Marrakech with this vibrant hue.

This colour has been on my mind recently. I painted a wall in my boys bedroom in it, and when the sun shines in I imagine myself in the Mediterranean (I have a good imagination). And on Sunday when I was watching the football I remembered that in tournaments past my favourite team was always Italy because of their dazzling blue jerseys (nothing to to with the handsome players, oh no).

So, I have been virtual shopping with a mind for something blue.

First choice, and already ordered, Oasis Cherry jeans

Next, I rather like this Theory open weave jumper.

And a bag? Any excuse for a new bag,  there’s Tracey’s lovely Anya Hindmarch Mini Gracie (very popular amongst my stylish friends)

This sleek offering from Raoul which I like very much

Or at a great price there’s mini bagfrom Uterque, a relation of Zara I believe

I may need something more roomy, like this Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier tote

Can’t forget the shoes, I have Tory Burch Revas which are very comfortable, so these ballerinaslook like a good bet

I promise I won’t wear them all at once, otherwise you would need these Marc by Marc Jacobs aviators!