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Summer clothes shopping

Breakfast in a cafe and then summer clothes shopping for my girls.

I do almost all my shopping on line. I’ve learnt the hard way though and when buying for my big girl, she has to do the real life choosing. I don’t like shopping centres but the logistics of getting up town were too stressful.

Bluewater was heaving and lots of shops had a disappointing selection of summer clothes but we did manage to fond some decent holiday gear that we all liked. I will blog some of my favourite kid things soon.
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Next tie dye skinnies, stone Ash Jalouse, French Connection grey drape back jumper, Mango faux fur gilet, Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf. I did not take kindly to the suggestion from a loved one that I looked very “TOWIE” but with false eyelashes and a furry waistcoat my defence was weak.