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My £10 spree

*Note: sorry about the wonky/dodgy photos*

All excited about the news that we are headed for a hot July, and inspired by Eve’s stripy dress, I headed off to H&M and Zara for some new summer clothes.  But I didn’t get there. I was way laid by a sale at my favourite charity shop, where most things were £2.  Reader, I have had a shopping spree and only spent £10.  I won’t even kid myself that this is also an act of charity.

1st purchase was this French Connection floral garden print skirt that I had always planned to buy (or something else in the same print – they also did a few dresses in it, too) when it was in the sales, but never did.

photo (3)

Apologies for the grimy mirror and the bad photos

photo 2 (3)

It makes me feel like dancing: cha cha cha.

photo 3 (3)

2nd purchase is this really nice, faded denim skirt from H&M.  Its so short that I can’t see me wearing it, except at home or on holidays, but its £2 and I like it.   And sometimes its nice not to be too prim.

photo (5)


photo 3 (5)

I’m quite liking the pockets

3rd purchase is this full black cotton H&M skirt, which is a bit short, but will be OK for when I am not with the Bolters.

photo 3


Here you can see my scary pale skin.  And the fold detail, giving it the full shape I like.  Although I still would like a longer (knee length), prom dress.  They are so pretty and quite feminine.

Just to make you smile, how hideous does this shape look on me?  It adds about 5kg to my frame.  No thank you.


Its interesting how much the shape of clothes can change how you look.

4th purchase is this standard, short Uniqlo denim skirt.  I used to have one, that I bought after I had my eldest, but after the baby weight came off, it was too big and Uniqlo didn’t seem to do them again.


5th and final purchase are these distressed ASOS jeans.  They need to be shortened and the left knee needs to be patched or something, but I thought it looked to be an easy, cheap project to have some cute summer jeans.  And, you know, for £2 I won’t cry if it doesn’t work out, will I?!


Today’s outfit is: old Australian brand tuxedo shirt (with sparkly cuff buttons) – I am a dandy at heart, H&M fancy pants cropped brocade trousers (now on sale for £12) and Sam Edelman Adenas.

photo (4)

Details, details

photo 3 (4)

photo 2 (4)

Here is a photo of one of the littlest Bolters, in her old Gap striped trim dress, which I wish came in my size!


Oh we do like to be beside the seaside


After a few days of post holiday running around we spent a few days with family by the seaside. Not quite the sunny weather and beautiful blue seas from last week but hey. And a belated Easter Egg Hunt for le bambine too.


Very old ripped jeans, navy vest under navy ASOS draped blouse (I have the black and cream too), black studded Sam Edelman Frankies.


Zara star jeans (I thought I’d packed my Hudsons instead), All Saints cotton Nep draped jumper, Gap scarf from last SS (random odd pose is nothing to do with outfit)


Primark embellished pocket ripped jeans, H&M grey sweatshirt over Uniqlo Heattech

Hope everyone has a happy end of Easter holiday weekend!

Trying not to get the blues over the weather

Seriously, it’s diabolical isn’t it? First day of Spring, pah.

Anyway, I’m trying not to be too mizzo over it – must look on the bright side and all that. Which is why, over on my personal blog, I was yesterday celebrating the fact that an overcast, muddy trip to a farm at least had the silver lining of making me beyond-words-glad that I am a born and bred city girl.

But the photo I posted of Margot (Penelope Keith in The Good Life) had her rocking an outfit in cobalt blue. It’s one of my favourite colours – Jasmine’s too – and, although we both have Asian colouring, I think that seeing Margot in this pic really shows just how easy and vibrant it is for just about any skin tone to wear.


So today: a bright blue slouchy sweater from Mango via Asos (great reduction; not so sure about the see-through styling here. Ask yourself: what would Margot say?), worn with one of my favourite necklaces, by Twisted Vintage, who rework old, sometimes even broken, pieces to make totally original and one-off items of statement jewellery.


Another blue item that makes me very happy is this scarf, a present from Eve when we were recently shopping in H&M. This photo doesn’t do the colour justice but it’s divine; truly uplifting. I’m wearing it right now with a grey Uniqlo sweater and my pyjama bottoms. I’m actually a bit annoyed by how nice they look together, since it’s a combination that really works, perhaps due in part to the colours in my (Primark) PJs, but one that’s unlikely to be seen outside the home. Pyjamas on the school run. Does anyone? Seriously? Ask yourself: would Margot?



Family lunch

The last of the birthday celebrations for this weekend. Big family lunch out.


I wore Zara snake print trousers, cream drape front ASOS shirt over the usual Zara vest, Ash Jalouse in stone, Mint Velvet leather jacket, rose gold Mulberry and lots of make up. I’m too old for four days of partying!

Making an effort

My life has been a sartorial wasteland lately. What happens when the temperature drops dramatically and you want to be warm and cosy at home? Yes, that’s right, your boiler breaks down. This seems to be a constant theme in my life and this time just to add a bit of excitement into the mix, the boiler has an intermittent fault which has the engineer flummoxed, so sometimes we have heat and sometimes we don’t – central heating Russian roulette! Given that I have some kind of mutant circulation which causes my body to be cold even at the height of summer (I was the only person in Sydney wearing a cardigan on a 35 degree summers day!) I am not enjoying life much at the moment. Harrumph.

So I have been wearing layer upon layer upon layer, which is not a good look and makes me feel grotty. Sigh. At the weekend though we had a family lunch in a house with proper heating so I was able to shed a few layers at least. I wore a long-sleeved silk thermal vest, a silk top, my ASOS sequin jacket, my Gerard Darel blazer, which is one of my favorite items of clothing ever -look at those shoulders! MiH paris, and my Edelman Adenas. On my nails i had Chanel rouge Noir with a layer of Lamcome Le Vernis on top. I love the colours of Chanel nail varnish, but no matter what I do it chips within hours.





I’m trying a new layering approach today, nothing slouchy or oversized, I have realized that is bad for morale!

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