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Big shirts

Out shopping yesterday, this is what I wore: Zara brown velvet blazer (probably its last outing as it stays permanently creased at the button, like you see below)  |  Zara cream shirt  |  TopShop Baxter skinnies  |  Gap tan leather ballets


After dithering a bit, I bought this big shirt (New Look khaki roll sleeved shirt £20, and size down.  I bought an 8) which is a bit of a different style for me.  Unlike other khakis, this one is more grey / green, so looks better than the commonly found yellowy olive khaki.  I plan to wear the shirt with skinny bottoms, pretty much like you see here.


Sweet pocket detail, don’t you think?20131003-141422.jpg

See?  its big20131003-141431.jpg

Coincidentally, today I am also wearing a big shirt.  Outfit:  H&M denim shirt  |  Zara sparkly necklace  |  TopShop pleather leggings (these are almost the bomb – too high waisted and tight around my tum tum, so this Humpty Dumpty is going to have them altered)  |  Banana Republic Ashley ballet flats20131003-141441.jpg

Idris!, how did you get here?  Oh, I see you are wearing a big shirt, too.  Yes, that’s why you are included in this post.  We would never demean you by leering at you for no reason.20131003-141450.jpg

That’s how I roll

Sounds like the Bolters are “playing by themselves” (its what I call it when they destroy the place, but without fighting), so lets see how much I can write…

I like a little New Look from time to time.  Definitely somewhere you need to shop in person – amazing how well some of it photographs.  Maybe I should hire their snapper for family photos?  Anyway, the other week I discovered this tremendous roll sleeve T shirt for a fiver.  Yes, please!  Its 90% cotton, 10% viscose, and I sized up to a 12 as while its roomy, its a slimmer cut than some, so doesn’t really work half tucked in unless you size up.

Grey Roll Sleeve T-Shirt

If the Bolters can continue with their cease fire, I might even do a little online order to get the pink version…  And these black biker skinny jeans (£23) that look good in real life (not being solidly black is a good thing, I think), and have 28% polyester, so they should hold their shape.  Black Biker Skinny Jeans

since I bought it the new grey T shirt, I’ve worn it a few times, most recently to the jungle gym.  Yep, glamour, glamour, glamour.

Outfit: Zara cobalt cotton blazer  |  Forever 21 necklace  |  New Look grey roll sleeve T shirt  |  TopShop Baxter white skinnies  |  Banana Republic Ashley black ballets




Am I the only one who is constantly fantasising about life when their children are back at nursery / school?!

Skirting around it

Today I took the eldest Bolter out for some one on one time.  That’s what I call it when I go shopping just with her.  Also “quality time”.  We went to, amongst other places, Russell & Bromley, and here’s what we saw:


She loves these flashing horrors, but its a shame that she doesn’t need trainers right now.  But next year we will come back and “hopefully” they will still be there.  Oh, I do hope so [hmm].

In the women’s section, the range is far more to my liking.  Ignoring the look on the sales assistant’s face, we tried on sales shoes together.  None of them are on the website, God only knows why.

Firstly, I am really tempted by these white based (ie as opposed to cream based) leopard print ponyskin slippers which are (because its 2013), also studded.  I have leopard slippers, but these are just that little bit different, no?


My eldest Bolter’s choice of leopard shoes (with her little feet in them).   Quite, umm, flashy: 20130805-224947.jpg

How about snakeskin slippers?  With, of course, some studding.  I would buy them, but I like my snakeskin to be white and grey, not cream and brown:20130805-225134.jpg

Look at these navy suede heels: utterly lovely.  But I can’t think of anywhere to wear them!  Especially as I haven’t taken the tags off the navy heels I bought a couple of years ago.  Or the red satin heels or or or.  Anyway, I put them on to make me (and my colour loving daughter) smile: 20130805-225113.jpg

Moving on to boots…  This winter I hope to find some snakeskin boots, and if these were the right colour combo for me, I would be sold as the heel height and toe shape are great.


Here we have the blue suede version.  They are lovely, but I would destroy them.  And might struggle with the husband singing Elvis at me.


Oh, these gold boots are a WornOut favourite, and I think I will be cantering back to R&B to get them for one or more of the other ladies, now they are reduced from £295 to £125 or so:20130805-225043.jpg

Finally, my quandary pair.  These pale silver/gold ones have me a bit confused.  Do I like them?  I think I almost do.  According to the husband, they would be just the thing to wear to a Star Trek convention, and he was wondering if they came with a ray gun.  Oh, everybody loves a comedian.20130805-225058.jpg

Today’s outfit: Zara dark blue cardigan  |  Zara lace crochet skirt  |  Banana Republic tan sandals (reduced from £60 60 £10 last season.  Their sales are unbeatable!)





How green was my blazer

(Anyone else see that charming old movie How Green Was My Valley?)

According to my “smart” phone, my blazer is not that green at all.  I’m a low tech, time poor blogger – I grab my phone and take a photo when in front of a mirror not obscured by toys, mess or children.  But the phone really doesn’t pick up some colours very well.  Particularly bright, ,jewel-like colours that I love so much, so today I am going to have to include website photos so you can really see what a punchy combo the necklace and jacket are. Well, by my fairly conservative standards, anyway!

Ooutfit: Zara emerald green wool blazer, Zara green, blue and turquoise necklace, Primark black long sleeve top, Mango Kate skinny jeans and Banana Republic Ashley ballet flats (not seen, not oh so comfy).



Wow, look at my blazer carefully and you will see how grotty the mirrors are in the local charity store.  That makes me feel better, as if they can’t keep theirs clean, without children around, what hope do I have?!



Hmm, you can almost see how green my blazer is here

And the beads on the necklace are actually a bit greener than the website photo shows.

Talking about necklaces, has anyone else found that they are moving away from big, bold earrings and more towards necklaces and scarves?  Its not just laziness (I keep my studs in day and night, pretty much), but also, the big, bold earrings are just so heavy!  They are great for winter when you are all so covered up that the only way to add some flash is via scarves and earrings, but, really, some are so heavy that I just can’t be doing with them.  Although, I am going to convert my new heavy Zara ones (seen below) into clip ons and see if that helps.  I will keep you (blog) posted!

One more jewellery thing before I go, did anyone manage to get any of that gorgeous Mango Touch  range of jewellery they were doing at Mango?  I was waiting for the sales, but there isn’t much at all on the Mango website, and I just didn’t fancy a scrummage through the bedlam that is their shops at sale time!  They had so many really lovely pieces that I am hoping someone who reads this blog has been able to enjoy them at nicely reduced prices (not that they were extortionate when full price.  I just have been trained, like Pavlov’s dog, by all the discount codes and sales to only buy when things are reduced).  So, if you did get lucky in Mango’s sales, do let me know so I can envy you!

It’s black and white

A little Friday monochrome.

Outfit: Banana Republic black cotton blazer (bought on sale for £20 from £110.  Their sales are unbeatable!), Massimo Dutti black butterfly print on white silk shirt, TopShop white Baxter jeans, Australian brand sandals.  With Revlon Red polish.




Oh dear, toenail chip: I fought the pram.  And the pram won.  It always does.