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Swallow print

New Look is a funny brand. So many horrors, with the odd hit. About a year ago, I walked past my local store and stopped in my tracks. The mannequin in the window had a beautiful ’70’s style blouse with a (Miu Miu inspired?) swallow print. I saw it, I loved it, I bought it. And I still wear it and love it. Although, with the odd scattering of sequins I think it’s too fragile for day wear with the girls. So from now on I will save it for evenings and savour how lovely it is. It’s definitely one of those items I always feel good in and enjoy wearing.

Yesterday I wore it to a children’s birthday party with a grape (aka purple, plonker) velvet blazer and distressed TopShop Baxters and the blissfully comfortable Banana Republic Ashley ballets. And the Zara faux fur stole. I adore that stole – I felt very Grand Duchess Olga in it. Dear me. Not quite the reality of my life, but never mind…




Lilac time

Feeling a little homesick, this post goes out to my lovely Dad…

Wearing my super soft and snuggly lilac Brora cowl neck, reminded me of the lilac time festival where Dad grew up. I still recall a photo of him as a boy in fancy dress for the festival – too sweet.

Anyway, the jumper is wonderfully soft and quite a flattering colour – perfect after an exhausting night with one of my little blossoms. I wore the Brora with a sweet charm bracelet from Oasis with a butterfly, flower, dragonfly, bird, pearls and other stones. The girls are fascinated by it and love identifying the relevant item. To reuse a phrase – “too sweet”.

Completely the outfit are TopShop Baxters, a white long sleeved Primark top and black Banana Republic Ashley ballets (another blissfully comfortable item). Some days call for the sartorial equivalent of comfort food, don’t you think?


Owl Charm Bracelet


It’s black and white

I love black and white. A monochrome palette, if you will. Since I am also a paisley lover, I was delighted to see this suit in Mango.

And as you can see, the detail in the print is superb (as is the value – thank you Mango for having pretty things that are very affordable!).

However, I would like to point out that as a suit, as such, I think it’s a heinous fashion crime. So, then the question is: what would you buy, the jacket or the trousers?

While considering the suit, I passed the sale rail. Never going to find anything there. Not at this late stage. Or was I? Oh hello, charming lace skirt! I need another full mini skirt and its sweet. And cost just the same amount as that written on the note I found in my pocket – £10. Shopping serendipity.

I wore my beloved lavender New Look skinnies and London Republic silver leather ballets , off white linen w crochet trim Massimo Dutti top and Warehouse denim jacket.

I am not childish

Although I really wished I was today! I saw this lovely shirt in the girls’ section of Zara, and bought a size 13-14 in the hope it would fit. It did not. But it’s so lovely I hope someone else buys it and wears it. I do have a Zara girls’ blouse that I wear a bit, but maybe the sizing varies from shirt to shirt? Sure. That must be why it doesn’t fit.

Anyway, trying on the shirt made me late so I had to pull something together quick smart. My eldest was virtually drumming her fingers with impatience. I was making her wait for the zoo. And the lions were expecting her.

So I pulled out my new Massimo Dutti butterfly pattern silk blouse, my beloved Baxters and Banana Republic Ashley ballets and took my biggest darling to the zoo. I went a happy lady.

Picking up the baton… and some more butterflies

When I have some child free time, I try and wear things that aren’t great around the girls. Which is most things [grin]. So I reached for my new big, sparkly necklace from Zara and my white Baxters. Picking up the white jeans baton where Tracey neatly placed it. This is probably the only sporting reference you will ever get from me!!

Like many of the other Worn Out ladies, I love black, cobalt and white together. So, I have really enjoyed wearing today’s outfit. Not least of all because it’s a really lovely day here in London today.

Which I spent strolling from Embankment, through Covent Garden, up to Holborn. Perfect!! On my travels, I picked up my Massimo Dutti order, which included this beautiful silk white with black butterfly print blouse. Reduced to £14.99 from £54.99. It sits so nicely that I hope they do it again this season in another print.

Keeping with my love of cobalt and wearable ballets, I spotted these cobalt wool and leather Ashley ballets in Banana Republic (not online). I have them in black leather and they are so comfortable that I will want them in other colours, too. Straight to the wishlist for them!! And also this stunning black lace strapless dress. Shame I don’t have the lifestyle for it, as it looks so elegant.

And now I am off to meet my sister for a cocktail after work – my Wednesday is other people’s weekend!!

Outfit: black fitted David Lawrence (Australian brand) blazer, cobalt Phase Eight Carla cowl neck top, white TopShop Baxter jeans (apparently now on sale for £25!!), black w silver bugle bead sandals from Seduce (Australian brand). And my Zara necklace!!