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Scruff and polish

I am a magpie and swoop on anything shiny.  Yet, despite its blingy buttons, I don’t wear this coat very often.  I really love the buttons and the gorgeously vibrant colour, and think the shape is quite nice.  Yet I hardly wear it, because its a fairly light wool coat and there are only a handful of days when its not too cold or not too hot.  Its a Goldilocks coat – only for when the weather is just right.  Like today.

And where did I take my Goldilocks coat?  Well, today was an inset day at the both the Bolters’ school and nursery (mercy me!), so we went to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington.  Going on a Monday morning during school term is the best time, Reader – we were actually able to stroll past T-Rex, rather than get carried along in a tightly jammed crowd of people.  It was very nice.  All the displays I’ve seen are really very interesting and entertaining, and the Museum building itself is very beautiful.  Another big drawcard for me, too, if I’m being honest, is Benugo’s (they do the catering) orange and almond flourless slice.  Delicious.

Anyway, outfit is: Dorothy Perkins fuschia wool coat (polish)  |  black thermal top  |  TopShop Baxter ripped skinnies (scruff)  |  Marks & Spencer Autograph pewter ankle boots (I can’t stop wearing them)





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