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A change from ballet flats

Now I do love a good ballerina shoe, but it’s good to have a change, and when I spotted brogues around the shops they brought me right back to my youth when I had several pairs. I know they say that if you wore a trend the first time around then you should avoid it the second time, but seriously, if I did that  would have nothing to wear. As a student I had a pair of black Bertie ones with roses engraved in the leather (I replaced the laces with grosgrain ribbon) and a co-respondant pair in cream and navy which formed the basis of many twenties inspired outfits!

I had to look at  Bertie for old times sake and they have this brogue which I love, Lunda  in a pretty nude shade as well as black and coral.

Bertie brogue


Dune have a good selection. This one, Langbury,  is the nicest I think, it’s a heavier soled masculine shoe. I tried it in RL and the leather is lovely (and navy not black which is the clincher for me).

dune brogue 1

It also comes in a two-toned version, just right for all those “Great Gatsby” inspired outfits that will be everywhere this summer. Which reminds me, there’s a great spread of Carey Mulligan in the new US Vogue in her Gatsby dresses

dune brogue two tone


The Linfords (what’s with all the L names?) are nice too, but the lighter sole makes it look more like a jazz shoe to my eye. I think a slightly chunkier sole is essential for a proper brogue.

dune brogue 2



Anyhow, being a stinge and not wanting to spend 100 Euro I picked up a pair of these Clarks brogues for a song on ebay (they were unworn – I wouldn’t go that far for a bargain!) with the intention of dying them, but actually I think I might leave them as they are. I was planning on wearing them with rolled up olive chinos , but the temperature today had me rushing for my opaques.

clarks brogue

I also nabbed this neon t from Gap which brightens up my winter navy uniform and goes perfectly with my pink J Crew bag. I feel like a bit of a beacon in the gloom outside today.

Unfortunately I can’t show you my outfit photo as I can get it to load and I have pushed my rudimentary IT skills to their limits. I’ll try again later.