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I am a real lady about town.  Ooh, yes.  This morning, while the Bolters were at nursery, I had a lovely coffee with my husband and then dashed to Selfridges to get a silver christening gift engraved.  I must say, Timpsons do the engraving at Selfridges and, having used them a couple of times, their staff are just lovely: helpful, kind and informed.  On the way back to nursery, I had just enough time for a quick look through a local charity shop.  And I am glad I did!


Selfridges on a sunny day

Charity shopping is such a hit and miss affair.  For every visit that I find something, there are numerous visits when I walk out, empty handed, thinking “oh dear me, that really wasn’t good”.  But I seem to be on a lucky streak lately, so I found two sweet, lacy summery things.

First, this simple, unassuming embroidered white camisole that will work nicely over a white vest and with some distressed denim.




Pretty tops all in a row

Secondly, I have heard a lot about Maje, but never actually tried anything from the brand on.  Now I have, and now I own this lovely grey silk and white lace Maje dress.


Although I think it would work better on me if its a bit shorter, as per the way I have stylishly hoisted the hem up below.  I think I have a frame (small but curvy) that means I can’t wear things that lack shape if they are too long or too big.  But then, I also bend over when attending to and chasing the Bolters, so my dresses and skirts can’t be too short.  Its a fine line.



Details, details…

Today’s outfit: Mango black vest, Forever 21 necklace, Mango black lace skirt, Australian brand sandals, Coccinelle red Queency bag.  And Maybelline Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Nail Colour in Rose Poudre – buy some nail polish from this range if you like your nail polish to last all week.



Finally, last night my husband played me this clip of Steve Kardynal singing Call Me Maybe, while recording people’s responses on Chat Roulette (never heard of it, but apparently the kids these days love Chat Roulette), and I was both charmed and amused – just try not to smile or laugh while watching!  I have watched it about 6 times today.  OK, just one more time then I will wake the littlest Bolters from their nap…