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Sales Shopping

I said I wouldn’t do it this year but………….

I dragged my sister out yesterday with me as the other Wornout ladies were busy.

Ahhh my sister! My sister is very good at helping me shop. I can be sure at least one of the following stock sales shopping statements will be muttered by her during our expedition together:

Adopt sisterly voice.

1. Put those back, they are vile.
2. You are too old for (insert item name)
3. Where do you think you are going in that?
4. Can we now stop for tea and cake please? I’m done.

I still love her very much.

I’m pleased to say all my outfit today was either purchased in sale or with discount.

Happy sales shopping to you all.

Acne Pistols
Citizens of Humanity jeans (still too short for supposedly longer length jeans)
Joseph Cashmere roll neck
Joseph Navy poncho
Gerard Darel grey 24 hour bag
Gerard Darel Gloves and beanie.
RayBan Jackie O Sunglasses
Lots of thermals