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Sky blue

Don’t you love it when you find a way to wear something you love but just aren’t sure *how* to wear, or what with?

I bought this Massimo Dutti scarf when the sale started. Because I loved it. But until a couple of days ago, I just wasn’t sure what to wear it with.

Then the sun was shining and the blue skies called for sky blue skinnies (Primark), and I love the prettiness of this crochet trimmed linen top (Massimo Dutti), but needed a scarf as it was a smidge cool at times. So I tried the new floral scarf, and I really liked it all together. What do you think? Hit or miss?

In the pink

I have just restarted my Shredding, so when I got dressed this morning I had a very pink face from my morning work out with Jillian. Well, 20 minutes is a lot of exercise for me!! Combined with this pink based floral Zara top and New Look pale pink jeans and pale rose pink toenails, I was top to toe pink. Ye gads. What has happened to me? Has all the oestrogen in this family finally sent me over the edge? Is Hello Kitty next for me? No. Now that’s silly talk.

Anyway… There is a fantastic Russian exhibition we went to today in the Kensington Palace gardens section of Hyde Park, which is open to the public as part of the Olympics celebrations. It has putt putt golf, live performers, a tent with children’s craft activities, food and a few other exhibits. It’s really worth checking out if you are nearby. If you aren’t and don’t want to miss out on a bit of Russian action, how about this charming Russian doll (matryoshka) pendant from River Island. Coming to my jewellery box soon…

By the way, have a look at what happened to my phone settings when I was in the Russian exhibition. Crazy!! Can anyone explain??

Primark floral jeans a la Belinda

The weather is so tricksy. Mild but wet. And after drenching yesterday’s red velvet ballets (fool that I am for wearing them), I am back to my hardy, but much loved, Mimco tan boots (style is Anarchy – don’t you love that?!) for dry tootsies. So I wore them with my Primark floral jeans, which many of the other Worn Out ladies have, and which I first saw on the Does My Bum Look 40 blog.

I wear mine differently to Kat, not least because I am not remotely tall and willowy!! I quite like them with tan, cream and brown, particularly my brown velvet Zara blazer. You will have seen that Sarah, who is also tall and willowy picks out the green print. Making the same jeans look completely different – I love it!

Floral Primark jeans, cream embroidered Zara shirt (old), tan Mimco Anarchy boots, brown velvet Zara blazer and nude Clarks Trapeze bag

Channelling Babe.

Hopefully Babe Paley and not Babe the Pig. I have a scarf I like and have never worn it. It’s a small/medium square scarf. And that’s hard to wear without looking like an airline hostess. Or Princess Anne. No and no. But… I do love the colours in it and thought it would be great with my pale sky blue skinnies from Primark.

So, you probably know that Babe Paley was one of a handful of 1950’s and ’60’s glamorous New York socialites that Truman Capote called the “swans”.  They were all wonderfully stylish, especially Babe. Unfortunately I am not particularly stylish, but really wanted / needed to use this tricksy scarf. At least once. Wear it or bin it, remember?! So, I ignored the little voice saying “this blogging is really bringing out your wanky side”, and remembered that Babe Paley used to sometimes tie a scarf to her handbag. And so I channelled a bit of Babe’s style and tethered the scarf. Of course, my eldest pulled it off and shoved it under the pram, but for a minute or so I felt a little bit old school glam. Or did I just look ridiculous??

White embroidered cotton Zara blouse (old. And what am I to do with all this voluminous fabric?? I need to get it altered, pronto!! Then I will wear it again), tan Uniqlo belt (I need a nude belt – any suggestions??), sky blue Primark skinnies and gold leather Primark über blingy sandals

Cream, tan and leopard

What more can I say?! That’s what I wore when I dashed to the newsagent for the paper. And that’s the extent of my day’s outings. Being in quarantine with 2 small children riddled with chicken pox is misery for all concerned.

So, to cheer myself up, I am thinking of my wish list. Which must be broken into things I have seen in real life and love and things that so far look good on the website. And as soon as I can get Husband off the laptop (I am posting from my phone), I will begin “work” on my If Wishing Made it Mine list. Which I need to keep me sane when Zara goes on sale…

Zara cream fantasy jacket (LOTS of gorgeous ones on the website, but this particular style is now only in navy), white H&M top, stone New Look skinny cigarette trousers (here are the brown version, but I think you may still be able to get the stone ones in some stores), Office leopard pony skin slippers (not available in leopard any more but you can get them in black, glitter (hello!  I think you just made the wish list!) and snake) and Clarkstrapeze bag.