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Short story

This is a short story. It began with a dress, but it was too short to sit down at a picnic in. So it ended in shorter shorts. For strangely enough, sometimes that’s the more covering option.

Dress outfit: ASOS ikat dress | ASOS orange belt | Gap leather pewter flip flops

Shorts outfit: Dorothy Perkins lace detail cotton top | Mango black cotton shorts | Aldo gold leather sandals | Coccinelle red Queency bag. And lots of moisturiser mixed with St Tropez Gradual Tan in medium / dark




Long and short

Outfit: Massimo Dutti embroidered white cotton blouse (old) (“the long”), Mango black cotton shorts (old) (“the short”), Aldo gold leather sandals (old) and Coccinelle Queency bag (new-ish but sold out). So, that’s the long and the short of it. Boom tish.




Before I start my day, I thought I’d mention that the St Tropez Gradual Tan (on sale at Boots) in medium/dark is very good when mixed with an equal measure of moisturiser. No streaking, good subtle colour, limited fake tan smell.

Gradual Tan Everyday Body 200ml medium/dark: Amazon.co.uk: Beauty

Ikat talk right now

I have just downloaded a book about Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, so am going to read some of that instead of writing a proper blog post.

On Friday I wore an ikat patterned dress, Gap pewter leather flip flops and the Coccinelle Queency bag. I got my haircut (much needed) and drank almost a jug of Pimms in the sun with my husband and some friends on Southbank (much needed). The end.





Red wine

Red, red wine.  How I love it.  But, since I am in charge of little people, my glass of red wine is about 3.5 hours away.  Not only does it taste good, but its a pretty gorgeous colour.  Since I can’t drink it, I will wear it.

Today I am wearing wine coloured skinny cropped trousers from Mango.  Despite me, generally, loving Mango, these are a regret purchase.  They look great for the first hour, then bag terribly  To make matters worse, I have them in both the wine and the black.  I might get them altered, as I have the Holy Grail.  A great alterations guy who is good, close and cheap.  Yes, sometimes the Gods smile down on you.

I am wearing the wine trousers with a black Massimo Dutti coat, and a really beautiful floral print silk Beta scarf.  Its a square shape, which is a bit “air hostess”, but the print was too wonderful and the colours too gorgeous to pass by.  The boots are TopShop Anarchy.





Beta Diamond Flower silk scarf


Mango Cropped super slim-fit trousers

Mango super slim wine trousers


TopShop Anarchy boots (also available in tan)

TopShop Anarchy boots


The girls are horribly whiny this afternoon, so this is the treat I am looking forward to, at the end of a very long, long day.  Cheers!

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