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Up On The Roof

So, yesterday I met some of my AllWornOut pals at the Daylesford Organics cafe on the on the roof of Selfridges, Oxford St for a long lunch in the shade. Since I moved from London to Wales, I always feel a little Country Mouse Goes To Town on my trips to the big city, especially after two hours on the train, when I am creased beyond belief, and covered in newsprint and crumbs. Add to that the fact that temperatures on the Underground this weekend reached about 4000 degrees, and I was surprised I wasn’t met at the door with a “Madam, the British Home Stores cafe is thatta way!”.
The fine weather caught me out, as I was planning on wearing a dress and blazer, but fortunately a quick trip to Topshop on Friday had resulted in the khaki jersey maxi skirt, plus a pair of studded black glads I spotted loitering on the sale rack.

We talked blog business, boys and the Great British Bake Off, then rounded the day off with a trip to Zara. An afternoon well spent.