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Points scored

Well, I am nothing if not a trier!  Here I am in the Diesel Ronhar bootcuts again (one of my three pairs), bought about 4 or 5 years ago.  And have been languishing while I frolicked and pootled and played (any other mothers of young children reading?) in skinnies.  And now, while I still love a skinny jean or two, I want some variety.  So out came the old bootcuts again.

I tried them with flip flops, and with the right top, I like them.  I tried them with slipper flats, and, to my eyes, its not a good look.  I think because, with bootcuts, I prefer it if you can see either all foot (a la flip flops), or all shoe.  So I have tried them again with pointy heeled boots, and the pointy boots have scored.  Its a combo that works for me.

Today’s outfit: Massimo Dutti green, black and cream scarf, Uniqlo black roll neck wool jumper, Uniqlo cream heattech thermal top, Nine West pointy heeled boots.





Here is a photo of my Massimo Dutti scarf, and I thought I’d mention again that Cos have a lovely looking scarf in similar colours:

Massimo Dutti wool animal print scarf

Massimo Dutti scarf

Wool and silk print scarf

Cos wool and silk scarf (£35)

Trying again

Aha!  Found the Diesel Ronhar jeans, and I am wearing them today with a beige coat (old from Sydney), a Uniqlo black wool roll neck and Office ponyskin leopard slippers.



Office leopard slippers

What do you think?  I am not sure – I think I prefer them with a boatneck and flip flops, like I wore the other day.  It has also been years since I have worn them, so I am also unaccustomed to how they look.  I will keep on trying and playing around – the joy of a large wardrobe (aka one that needs decluttering!!) is the fun you can have with the different options available, no?

Also, I have some TopShop Marthas, also from a few years ago, so will see how they look slightly rolled up – a gentle introduction / good alternative to boyfriend jeans, perhaps?