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Scruff and polish

I am a magpie and swoop on anything shiny.  Yet, despite its blingy buttons, I don’t wear this coat very often.  I really love the buttons and the gorgeously vibrant colour, and think the shape is quite nice.  Yet I hardly wear it, because its a fairly light wool coat and there are only a handful of days when its not too cold or not too hot.  Its a Goldilocks coat – only for when the weather is just right.  Like today.

And where did I take my Goldilocks coat?  Well, today was an inset day at the both the Bolters’ school and nursery (mercy me!), so we went to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington.  Going on a Monday morning during school term is the best time, Reader – we were actually able to stroll past T-Rex, rather than get carried along in a tightly jammed crowd of people.  It was very nice.  All the displays I’ve seen are really very interesting and entertaining, and the Museum building itself is very beautiful.  Another big drawcard for me, too, if I’m being honest, is Benugo’s (they do the catering) orange and almond flourless slice.  Delicious.

Anyway, outfit is: Dorothy Perkins fuschia wool coat (polish)  |  black thermal top  |  TopShop Baxter ripped skinnies (scruff)  |  Marks & Spencer Autograph pewter ankle boots (I can’t stop wearing them)





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Short story

This is a short story. It began with a dress, but it was too short to sit down at a picnic in. So it ended in shorter shorts. For strangely enough, sometimes that’s the more covering option.

Dress outfit: ASOS ikat dress | ASOS orange belt | Gap leather pewter flip flops

Shorts outfit: Dorothy Perkins lace detail cotton top | Mango black cotton shorts | Aldo gold leather sandals | Coccinelle red Queency bag. And lots of moisturiser mixed with St Tropez Gradual Tan in medium / dark




White on

The WornOut ladies are fab, and we often share clothes around.  I was the recipient of this great, off-white trench from Rachel WornOut a few weeks ago, and have been waiting for some good weather so that I can actually wear it!

Outfit is: Gap off-white trench (clearly in need of an iron – sorry!), Lily & Lionel scarf (copying Tracey, only mine also needs an iron, and I am going to try and stiffen it up with some starch, as I read somewhere that this is a good trick for floppy scarves), TopShop Baxter jeans, London Rebel silver ballets, Gap green leather bag.


Since my husband volunteered to look after the girls by himself, I ran off to Oxford Street before he had time to re-consider.  First stop, Dorothy Perkins.  Yet again.  Not somewhere I used to go to at all, but I have been really pleased with their summer cotton offerings.

I bought this darling cotton and lace shell top (£22).  The review given said its thin (yes, white cotton often is) and should be thicker for the money (umm, its £22 and cotton, that’s a good deal in my book!).  I bought the size 10 and couldn’t have sized down as its fairly fitted across the bust.  Charming top, in a flattering shape; I can see me wearing it quite often in the warm weather.



Good Lord, my bosoms are looming up at you, sorry!!!  I just wanted to show you the lace detail.  Reader, beware!  Here is the DP website photo:

White lace insert shell top

Now, this dress (£32) I just umm and ahh over.  I bought it in the white, but saw that DP also do it in a pretty buttery yellow, so thought I’d try it yet again, before I decide whether to return it or not.  Its a lovely dress, but I am really not sure that its the best shape for me.  Anyway, if the shape is a good one for you, I do recommend it.


After my quick spot of shopping, I went for a wander through the nearby Wallace Collection, in Manchester Square, just north of the Bond St station (and also north of Selfridges!).  One of my favourite places in London.

Essentially, its the former private collection of the illegitimate son (Richard Wallace, whom the collection is named after) of the last Marquess of Hertford, and the museum is housed in what was their London home (Hertford House).  The house is gradually being refurbished to how it was (very decadent furnishings), and much of the collection is French art.

The little gold boxes (often used to store snuff) are precious little treasures: eye candy.




I must admit that the Sèvres porcelain doesn’t move me, but if its your cup of tea (oh ho ho), the Wallace Collection has the finest museum collection of Sèvres porcelain in the world.


Flirty little minx below giving the boys a peep up her dress.


I couldn’t stay away from the shops for long, so I went back to Selfridges, where they are having a carnival and were giving out fairy floss in the shoe department.  Sugar + shoes = heaven.


Pop goes some colour

I blog about clothes, so therefore I must use terms like “colour pop”, mustn’t I?!  Only that term always makes me think of someone who just lost at paintball.

Anyway, the sun is shining today so all is well in the world.  And its made me reach for some colour, to add to my cheeriness.

Today’s outfit: Zara red, pink and white tweed jacket, Zara floral top, Mango Kate skinny jeans and Aldo red suede ballet flats.




In the hope that we get more sunshine and even warmer weather, I have used the Dorothy Perkins code DPFWE for 25% off (and went via Quidco for 7% off) and have ordered the navy camisole and white prom dress.  If they are good, I will report back.  Wishing you all a happy, sunny Sunday!

Mend and make Miu Miu

I have a magenta princess coat, bought a long time ago from Dorothy Perkins.  But it came with black buttons, which can look a bit harsh.  Its a darling coat, so I didn’t want to bin it.  Instead, I pimped my coat.  Mend and make do?  Well, more like mend and make Miu Miu!  Obviously, I can’t upcycle Dotty P all the way up to Miu Miu, but I was thinking of all the jewel encrusting Miu Miu do when I chose my new buttons.
The coat used to look a bit like this:
But I wanted it to look more like this!
Miu Miu
More more Miu Miu
Miu Miu F/W 2009/10
After hours trawling London’s button sellers (Liberty has a wonderful selection, and its such a joy to spend time in the haberdashery department), I found my large diamante buttons on ebay in China at £5 for 4 – a fraction of the cost of buying from UK retailers.

So, how does it look now?  Quite blingy, thank you for asking (although I think I will stitch the pockets shut to improve the line)!  The girls are enthralled, my husband bemused, and I am delighted.  I love a little razzle dazzle…