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In the pink

It has been raining in Dublin for 40 hours straight, and I am beginning to lose my reason. It’s the grey sky that does it, I find it very hard to live with. So, in these circumstances I need something pink. I’m quite fussy about my shade of pink, I ended up selling that Anya Gracie because it was just a tad too fuschia, I don’t like it too candy, or too dusty. I’d probably describe my favorites pinks as somewhere between strawberry ice-cream and raspberry sorbet!

So despite the fact that I’m usually a bit of a yarn snob and love a bit of fuzzy cashmere, when I see something in the right shade of pink I will buy it no matter what it’s made from. Last week’s Primark jumper is a bit scratchy, but I can live with that if I’ve a t-shirt underneath, and this week I happened upon a jumper in a really lovely raspberry from Dorothy Perkins. I was looking at some shoes that were in a magazine and while I was there had a browse. The review says it will bobble quickly, but I don’t care, it has lifted my spirits already.

Wearing it with Oasis olive skinny combats, Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf and Aldo wedge trainers. It looks much brighter in the photo but I guess that’s the artificial light as we have had the lights on all day long. Sigh.