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A change from ballet flats

Now I do love a good ballerina shoe, but it’s good to have a change, and when I spotted brogues around the shops they brought me right back to my youth when I had several pairs. I know they say that if you wore a trend the first time around then you should avoid it the second time, but seriously, if I did that  would have nothing to wear. As a student I had a pair of black Bertie ones with roses engraved in the leather (I replaced the laces with grosgrain ribbon) and a co-respondant pair in cream and navy which formed the basis of many twenties inspired outfits!

I had to look at  Bertie for old times sake and they have this brogue which I love, Lunda  in a pretty nude shade as well as black and coral.

Bertie brogue


Dune have a good selection. This one, Langbury,  is the nicest I think, it’s a heavier soled masculine shoe. I tried it in RL and the leather is lovely (and navy not black which is the clincher for me).

dune brogue 1

It also comes in a two-toned version, just right for all those “Great Gatsby” inspired outfits that will be everywhere this summer. Which reminds me, there’s a great spread of Carey Mulligan in the new US Vogue in her Gatsby dresses

dune brogue two tone


The Linfords (what’s with all the L names?) are nice too, but the lighter sole makes it look more like a jazz shoe to my eye. I think a slightly chunkier sole is essential for a proper brogue.

dune brogue 2



Anyhow, being a stinge and not wanting to spend 100 Euro I picked up a pair of these Clarks brogues for a song on ebay (they were unworn – I wouldn’t go that far for a bargain!) with the intention of dying them, but actually I think I might leave them as they are. I was planning on wearing them with rolled up olive chinos , but the temperature today had me rushing for my opaques.

clarks brogue

I also nabbed this neon t from Gap which brightens up my winter navy uniform and goes perfectly with my pink J Crew bag. I feel like a bit of a beacon in the gloom outside today.

Unfortunately I can’t show you my outfit photo as I can get it to load and I have pushed my rudimentary IT skills to their limits. I’ll try again later.

I fell off the wagon….oops

I had been doing rather well on my self-imposed spending ban, but it all came an end in the last week or two. In my defence it was my birthday that triggered it off, and birthdays do need celebrating so I’m not feeling too badly about it. For various reasons I have not had as much time to wander around the shops lately which has had a very positive effect on my bank balance. Not visiting Zara on a weekly basis will probably fund a holiday this year!

Not that I’m giving up on buying, but I am only purchasing something if I really, really love it. To this end I have a secret Pinterest board, where I pin things I have my eye on. If I’m not bored of it after a week or two of daily visits then I’ll give it serious consideration.

And so the Marc Jacobs Dragon Scale scarf, which many of the fabulous WornOut ladies have, found it’s lovely way into my wardrobe. I spent about 6 weeks pondering over it! Ridiculous really, it is “my” shade, raspberry red, goes with lots in my wardrobe and I love it. I found it on Revolve for a pretty good price.



IMG_5394I wore it out today with my Sonia Rykiel peacoat, and my Mulberry bag. Underneath, I had many layers, Heatgen long sleeved vest, charcoal cashmere jumper, last years Zara blazer, and Whistles crepe trousers from the January sales.

I am very impatiently awaiting delivery of this baby, 8 days and counting…come on DHL!



I spotted it years ago on a blog, I think it was The Sartorialist, and loved it, but I had no idea where it came from. I was really pleased to stumble upon it on a rainy afternoon of web surfing. I want to wear it NOW! Here is the original photo which inspired the purchase. It’s from Konrath von Reumont, who have some other cheekily Diptyque-like items, I love them.

l'amour t 2


And just this morning I bought these boots. I have been after gold ankle boots for what seems like years, my poor WornOut friends must be fed up hearing about my quest. But my shopping motto isn’t ‘Persistence Pays’ for nothing. After many gold boot disappointments, these are mine. Reduced too, wouldn’t you know with a cheapskate like me.



I just had an excited try on now – couldn’t decide whether the jeans should be in or out! I am looking forward to wearing them with olive green skinnies, and my new t-shirt should the temperatures ever rise above 3 degrees. They are called Picker from Dune. The leather is lovely, the toe is pleasingly round (for I am fussy about toe shapes) and the heel is a good ‘running around without getting sore feet’ height. What more could I ask for?!



So that’s me done for a while, I hope!

Lastly I wanted to give a mention to a great blog that I came across recently, written by the very clever indeed, and very lovely Mel. I have been home educating one of my children for the past while (hence the lack of shopping opportunities) and Mels blog has been invaluable in giving me ideas for working with him. Without it we would be doing algebra all day long, so my boy has a lot to thank Mel for! I’m sure that anyone with school age children will find something useful on ATeacherWrites.com.

All that glitters

On a day like today  (it has been bucketing down since the middle of the night)I certainly need some sparkle in my life, so how fortuitous that the postman should bring me this Zara gold sequin skirt (via ebay)! Off came the boring jeans and on went the skirt. I’d love a navy textured knit to go with it and I’ve searched everywhere to no avail so I think I might have to knit one myself. At the rate I knit these days it should be ready for A/W 2013 though! Making do with an old navy cashmere jumper for now, I’ll have a root through the cupboards to see what else it will go with. Any ideas?

By now you’ll have seen that I’m a bit of a magpie, with my gold Mulberry bag, a couple of pairs of gold trainers, boots with gold heels, and my desire for sparkly things is unabated. I recently spotted these gold heeled boots in Dune, inspired by Celine boots from a couple of winters ago. The  lovely round toe is right up my street, but the heel is too high for me to wear every day.

Eve and I have been dreaming about these Maje boots for a while now, I tried them on (again) yesterday, but have decided they are a tad too cowboyish in shape, so I am crossing them off my list. Phew.

Then I spotted these in a Zadig &Voltaire ad in Grazia. Swoon. But they are not on their website and the staff in the Z&V concession in Brown Thomas had never seen them before. Hmm.

My final sparkly spotting is much more affordable, and would be a really good buy for winter I think, from River Island. Soft and fuzzy charcoal grey with sparkles, it looks much nicer in real life than on their site. Given the weather forecast I heard this morning, we’ll all be needing something to brighten up our days for the next while.



That’s the nickname that an ex-boyfriend once gave me, based on the fact that my head was (is) disproportionately small in relation to my body. These days, it might also reasonably relate to my fondness for Pinterest – aesthetic voyeurism and visual notes-to-self at its very best. How I love it!


Kurt Geiger Misty in Tan, currently £65 on sale from £110


So, after seeing – and rather liking – these KG Kurt Geiger shoes in Selfridges on Sunday, I was feeling pretty smug about having resisted the lure of the buy. “Summer’s as good as over,” I reasoned, maturely, with myself. “You already have your ASOS Haste sandals, which you’ve barely worn, you have a gazillion pairs of flat strappy numbers and you took back the Dune Fentons because you’d not had occasion to wear them by the time the returns period was about to expire. So let’s not be buying these babies. Let’s just pin ’em for future reference.”


Haste from ASOS in tan, no longer available


So far, so restrained. One great thing about Pin is that it’s a vicarious hit of loveliness – you pin something you love, and it’s like an ownership of sorts – not quite as heady as the rush of the shopping bag (and credit card bill!) but enough to take the edge off an acquisitive appetite.

Except when you pin something that comes in two different colourways and, idly curious, you click on the alternative. And – ooops. You love it more, it’s reduced even further, and it’s in your size.

Fingers (and KG Misty-clad toes) crossed for an Indian Summer, eh?


Kurt Geiger Misty in Beige, now £35 in sale from £110



A bit late to the Marni party

Do you remember all the fuss about the Marni for H&M launch?

Thursday March 8th. I had it all planned out.

I had poured over the photographs, arranged for my husband to do the school run, planned my outfit for ease of trying on. I was all ready to go.

And then my daughter came home from school and announced that she was starting her school swimming lessons. Great darling, how exciting. And you promised to come to the first one. I did, darling, I’m really looking forward to it. Thank you, mummy. All happy! So when is the lesson? Thursday, 9.30. Noooooo!

Of course by the time I got to H&M, I knew all was lost as there was no queue outside. By 11.13 am there was nothing left but a tiny pair of sandals and 2 green pvc bags. Great. Needless to say, I scoured ebay over the next few weeks but the prices were ridiculous, so I drew a line under the whole escapade.

But then…… a few weeks ago we went to a birthday party at the park, and one of the other guests was wearing a top that I instantly recognised. I will admit to checking the ebay listings during the party [blush] and by the time we were passing the duckpond on the way home it was bought and paid for!

I am ridiculously pleased with it, I like it so much I may even St Tropez for it’s benefit.

This is a view of the back. I love the chartreuse green so much I may try wearing it backwards!

There are still some on ebay, at very reasonable prices so get clicking!

I must say doing this bog has made such a difference to the way I look at my wardrobe, I am wearing more colour than I ever have and loving it! I hadn’t realized what a colour pallate rut I had become stuck in.

Oh yes, I must mention the sandals, I found them in a box the other day and have been wearing them as slippers. They are years old from Dune, but they do the same pair every year and I noticed them in the sale recently. I can’t find them online but if you are passing a store they are worth looking out for. I must say sparkly feet cheer me up no end on a grey day.