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A tale of two outfits

Talk about misjudging the weather!! This morning I trotted off to playgroup w the Little Two, wearing my Primark floral jeans with a cream turtle neck and a brown velvet blazer. I was in a lather by the time I arrived. Remind me not to wear that unless it is properly cold. Not just cool and certainly not on a cool morning that is also quite a humid morning.

Once home after playgroup I changed into something cooler: an off-white embroidered blouse and a lavender cashmere/silk scarf. I bought this scarf from a lovely lady (seller is Mercado Gifts) in Scotland, via eBay, for only £18. It is so luxe and soft, yet warm, and was wrapped beautifully with a charming note. As soon as my current Spending Embargo lifts, I will be ordering more. Do you think it’s wise to buy multiples of things you love or should you move on?

Outfit 1: Zara brown velvet blazer, Zara turtleneck, Primark floral jeans, Mimco
Anarchy ankle boots.

Outfit 2: Zara blouse, eBay scarf, Primark floral jeans, Mimco Anarchy ankle boots, Clarks Trapeze leather bag.