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Success at last

I have been searching for two items for what seems like ages, namely a leopard faux fur coat (particularly as Belinda looks so fantastic in hers) and a sequin blazer. If money were no object I would have snapped up this Colette Dinnigan fur that I blogged about before and this Zadig and Voltaire sparkly number – they do good sequins! However my lovely children always seem to have other plans for my spending money, so I had to do the ‘search, order, return’ routine a few times. But I have succeeded in getting what I wanted, so I’m on that retail success high today!


Here’s the coat, better in the flesh than I had hoped, the colour is just right for me. I wanted a pale creamy print, rather than a tan one. I highly recommend vintage faux fur, I have three now, all bargains and the quality of the fabric is so much better than most of the high street offerings. Etsy and ebay, particularly US ebay are great sources of vintage faux fur.


The sequins are from ASOS. The blazer was in my basket for a week or two while I waited for a code or sale, I knew one would come along sooner or later. It is just what I wanted, matt sequins and the right cut. I’m planning to layer it something like this.

I’m just wondering if it would be a bit OTT to wear them both together?!