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Biscuit and ice cream

If only that was what I was eating…

No. The biscuit refers to the colour of the new Mango skinny cords I wore today. And love! The fit is terrific and the length is perfect for me (the New Look ones have a stunning colour but don’t fit as well and are a little too short). I wore them with tan Gap ballets, a French Connection Renoir cowl top, Warehouse western denim skirt and Massimo Dutti floral scarf.




Mango Corduroy trousers NEUTRAL - House of Fraser

The ice cream refers to the girls’ dessert. I bought some writing icing a while ago to decorate cup cakes, and on a whim decided to do lion faces on their ice cream tonight. Clearly they are not discerning as they absolutely loved it! And I can only but hope they don’t start requesting different animals as Mummy is obviously cack handed. Not like the super talented Eat Cookie Sleep Cookie – have you seen her work? Absolutely beautiful. Anyway, my girls are stuck with my “art” and were pleased so I thought I’d mention this in case it appealed to you.