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Little Legs loved Frozen. It has even usurped Shrek. I am no Disney fan but I liked that it was sisterly love that saved the day and am thus happier playing Frozen than any other Disney character inspired game. Lucky as this morning’s game began shortly after 6am and lasted two whole hours. At least I got to be Elsa. Poor Bambina spent two hours as a talking snowman.

Today we really were frozen. Down by the Thames it was so cold and windy. You can see me desperately trying to wrap up in the second photo.
Black H&M trousers, Zara zebra pony skin trainers, black Uniqlo Heattech, old black Warehouse roll neck, Gap denim waistcoat, old La Redoute boiled wool coat from my mama, grey RayBans, navy Alexander Wang Diego.

Another major thumbs down from my partner who actually laughed at my outfit and suggested that the H&M trousers make me look crazier than Little Legs (she was sporting a pink tutu with a cat on, silver sparkly tights, a Breton, ski jacket and headband and bright blue Uggs)
I got changed before we headed out again.
Black Nudie jeans, shearling lined Acne Pistols (I cannot stay away from their warmth), Zara roll neck, Diesel faux fur sleeveless jumper/vest. Next time I’ll try and get some outfit shots before small grubby hands get to my mirror.

Hope you’re having a good weekend.

Something Speziale (sic)

This coat isn’t just Per Una, it’s Per Una Speziale. My partner passionately hates it but I really rather like it. It is cold today and I fancied something I could really snuggle up in.
I’m wearing it with a Uniqlo grey cashmere roll neck, Gap denim waistcoat (which I shall remove with the coat), Zara dark denim jeans and shearling lined Acne Pistols. I have a Uniqlo Heattech roll neck on under the cashmere jumper. They are great if you get itchy like me.

Hope you’re having a good Friday.

Catching up

I spent my summer in an internet free zone. It was tough but I read a lot more books and baked more cakes that I would otherwise have done. We only went for 3 weeks but ended up staying for 2 months, and it’s lucky I couldn’t blog because I would have been sharing my frustrations at the process of buying and selling houses and my (very dark) thoughts about solicitors! It wasn’t all bad though….here are my boys hanging out in granny’s front garden. My children had a ball – climbing trees, making dens and building bridges, having friends to stay and playing football at twilight. I was a beautiful summer which is good to remember on a chilly grey day like today.




And it was all worth it, and we are now living by the sea which was a childhood dream of mine. It is so lovely here…


Anyway, on to shopping and when I got back to town my mission was to track down the M&S pink coat. I had my heart set on it, and with the help of Rachel Worn Out, it was mine.




Not for long though, as it was just all wrong for me. I can’t do oversized, I look like I’m wearing something from the dressing up box, so back it went and I bought the Massimo Dutti red coat instead. This is much more my style although it needs some tweaking too, the sleeves need to be shortened and the buttons moved. It is not the warmest coat, but I love the colour and it’s perfect for days when I am in and out of the car and don’t need a heavy duty coat (that’ll be most days so). Apologies for the dusty mirror and packing boxes. This is my life now!


md red coat

In other shopping news, I nabbed these Celinealike leopard print pony skin trainers in Gap.


They’re not online but are still in my local branch so it’s worth a phone call if you like them. I went for the blue as they go better with my wardrobe. They also come in black. These are the Celine ones.

celine leopards

I also love this warehouse top I got last week, the print is gorgeous, again I can’t find it online, sorry!


Despite my failure with the pink coat, my daughter is rocking the trend these days, in the Stella McCartney coat I got her last winter. This is the child’s equivalent of a ‘car to bar’ coat as it has no warmth in it at all, so it is purely for days when she is being chauffeur driven! I love the sweatshirt from M&S, and the gold high tops from Mini Boden.

IMG_0521 And the really good news chez Emma is that after 6 weeks of living in chaos with no proper cooker and boxes everywhere, the builders are starting next week and soon we will be living in our dream house. It’s all going to go really smoothly, no glitches or arguments, isn’t it?! I’ll keep you posted!

Big shirts

Out shopping yesterday, this is what I wore: Zara brown velvet blazer (probably its last outing as it stays permanently creased at the button, like you see below)  |  Zara cream shirt  |  TopShop Baxter skinnies  |  Gap tan leather ballets


After dithering a bit, I bought this big shirt (New Look khaki roll sleeved shirt £20, and size down.  I bought an 8) which is a bit of a different style for me.  Unlike other khakis, this one is more grey / green, so looks better than the commonly found yellowy olive khaki.  I plan to wear the shirt with skinny bottoms, pretty much like you see here.


Sweet pocket detail, don’t you think?20131003-141422.jpg

See?  its big20131003-141431.jpg

Coincidentally, today I am also wearing a big shirt.  Outfit:  H&M denim shirt  |  Zara sparkly necklace  |  TopShop pleather leggings (these are almost the bomb – too high waisted and tight around my tum tum, so this Humpty Dumpty is going to have them altered)  |  Banana Republic Ashley ballet flats20131003-141441.jpg

Idris!, how did you get here?  Oh, I see you are wearing a big shirt, too.  Yes, that’s why you are included in this post.  We would never demean you by leering at you for no reason.20131003-141450.jpg

Gap leather

I went to Gap to buy some clothes for the Bolters. This is what I was faced with:


So, I backed away slowly and went to the ladies’ accessories, as sometimes Gap has terrific leather goods, mainly bags. Really vibrant colours, in soft but hard wearing leather. At good prices, that become fantastic prices when the inevitable 30% vouchers are floating about. Here’s what I saw, not all of which is on their website (umm, why not?):

Snake skin slippers, maybe a good alternative to some of the other ones around if they don’t fit quite right. This seems to be the same colour as the Russell & Bromley snake skin print, which is cream and brown, rather than the white and grey that I would want. In my experience, Gap shoes are very comfortable.



The perennial favourites. This season they come in various colours and are £35. Pretty good for leather. I don’t pay much for ballets as I see them as semi-disposable, They really don’t stay fresh for long, do they?!

The ones that I saw and liked the most are the raspberry ones (see below), but they are quite low cut on the toes, so I need to decide whether I want quite that much toe cleavage. If I get them at all, I might get the gold ones, too. Which feel like fabric and have a sheen, but are, apparently, leather. And maybe the orange ones, too.20130806-222228.jpg




There are 2 styles that I saw. Firstly, this tri coloured small bag for £40. Of course, the colour combo I like (see below) is not on the website, but here’s the link to the other colour combo. I am definitely getting this bag when the voucher comes my way. 20130806-222048.jpg

Secondly, this fab bigger bag for £80, in the fetchingly named colour of “purple paradise”. My phone isn’t great at capturing certain colours: this is definitely a purpley blue in real life, rather than the almost cobalt it appears both in my photos and on the website. “Purple paradise” (dear me) is the only colour online, but in the store I went to, they also had tan, pink and orange. I think I will get this bag, when its voucher time.20130806-222101.jpg




Something you may not notice from the above photos (or from the website photos) is that the big bags have some contrasting leather (see below).  For that reason, that’s why I will only get the purple bag, as it has the subtlest contrast.20130807-085415.jpgAnd, since I have looked on their website, I would like a little dalmation print in my wardrobe, with this black spotted calfskin belt, too (£23). My inner Cruella rejoiced.

Printed calf hair belt | Gap