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Dark romance

I love things that are darkly romantic: so dramatic.  I don’t actually want to live out a big operatic drama, but I like it in my wardrobe.  Its quite fun putting on some black lace and getting in touch with your inner Sicilian widow (she’s in there somewhere, just keep looking).  Assuming a Sicilian widow is blonde and takes her 3 children to the park.

“Oh God, where have they bolted to this time??!”

So, it seems I have quite a range of darkly romantic things to choose from on the high street this Autumn / Winter:

Oasis are doing a floral fancies range, that contains some beautiful looking things, including this ravishing (forgive me, I’ve had wine) winter rose print skirt (£40).  It looks like it would go so well with any of the jewel colours in the print, as well as black.  I think I would wear it with a black polo neck, black tights and oxblood ankle boots (yet to be sourced).  I don’t think its lined, though, which is annoying with tights:

Winter Rose Print Skirt

Maybe its the wine (nice NZ pinot noir) going to my head, but I think the jacket (£65) would also be really useful.  God knows, I couldn’t stop wearing my winter floral scarf last year.

Winter Rose Biker Jacket

Now, obviously I need to include a leather piece or two.  I have been looking for a leather jacket, on and off, for years.  And years.  And these two look like good options, as I don’t fancy another biker jacket.

Collarless quilted leather jacket (£165)

Collarless Quilted Leather Jacket

Cleanline leather jacket (£165)

Cleanline Leather Jacket

Finally, Tracey suggested that this wrap skirt (£75), which might be a good alternative to a standard leather mini skirt:

Leather Mini Wrap Skirt

For those of us who adore velvet (I appreciate some people just loathe it.  Not me, I am like George Castanza in my love of the stuff!), Massimo Dutti are doing a beautiful burgundy velvet blazer (£125).  As an aside, the AW collection from Massimo Dutti looks superb.  My post “summer holiday survival” treat is coming from there:

Finally, aren’t these Alexander McQueen floral De Manta clutches exquisite (about £315)?  Damn, why don’t I go out more, so that the cost per wear wouldn’t be so hideous??

ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Oversize Floral Printed Silk De Manta Clutch

This Sicilian widow wore: Planet black lace top  |  Mango Kate skinny jeans  |  Sam Edelman Adena slippers.