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Back to work.

Work, School, routine and discipline feature heavily this week. Therefore, in as few lines as possible:

I am wearing my uniform outfit of Navy. Gerard Darel Blazer with silver admiral buttons and the matching A-line shift dress. To break the rules (well it is warm in London and I want to show off my rapidly fading holiday tan) I have put on LK Bennett snake print Shilo shoes for the office. The Tory Burch discounted (sorry Rachel Wornout) Reva leopard print ballet flats were worn for the fast walk to the station.

I did make a small holiday purchase. A massively reduced Massimo Dutti scarf. So very versatile for work and casual wear. Currently wrapped around me in the office as the air conditioning is on full blast.

There! Done it. Blog for the day and self-imposed shopping detention over.

Scarf – Massimo Dutti (new)
Shoes – Tory Burch (old) and LK Bennett (older)
Dress and Blazer/Jacket – Gerard Darel (oldest)
Bag – Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 (Vintage)





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Dressing Pins

I spotted this dress months ago when I was in Paris for work. It’s by Gerard Darel .

I love the design with the hearts, the colour (Blue) and sleeves. I am also wearing it with no jacket, a first for me.

The temperature is up!

Lengthwise it is just right for us taller beings.

I had it on my wishlist and decided to wait for the sale. Being so busy I managed to forget about the dress until a very late online browse at John Lewis. I was meant to be buying clothes for the children. Virtual space enabled the dress to drop into my basket, reduced too!

Trouble is the dress requires too many pins. I should have read the online review from the lady in Cheshire. It’s no longer there……

Pinned at the side on the attached belt, double pinned at the bust, (no office cleavage for me) and pinned at the back of the neck. I’ll be adding “make trip to tailors” on my ever expanding ‘to do list’ this weekend.

Dress: Gerard Darel Graphic Hearts
Bag: Anya Hindmarch studded bag
Shoes: Jones the Bootmaker Celeste
Pins: John Lewis



Workwear round-up

No opportunity to post for the last few days, work is just manic. A quick round up of the last three days follows:

Friday – Whistles

Fridays are a bit more relaxed in corporate attire but not in workload. The ever elegant and incredibly stylish Tracey found this dress last year. I could not resist. It is the Whistles Marla dress. Oh how I wish Whistles would re-issue this dress and in another colour – cream for Summer please. It’s a really great fit, the sleeves are long enough for me and I love the mini Dynasty shoulder pads. No photo of me wearing it though, sorry. No time, just too busy. I wore my Marla with opaques and the LK Bennett Una shoes.

Thursday – The Grey Skirt Suit

So here I am on Thursday wearing a grey skirt suit from Reiss.

I am not really into peplum but as you can see the Axel jacket is trying to be different with the pep feature at the edge.

The top is Zara, slightly puffed shoulder in style and very old. A very similar top here.. It’s long in length so I have tucked it in and put a belt (old from Reiss) around the waist.

I make the most of the suit by wearing the Axel jacket with a dress or cropped black or navy trousers and a cream silky t-shirt. The Harper skirt skirt has been worn with a thick black, cream or bright blue jumper and often with the cream blouse I had on last week.

Shoes? DVF Alaina as worn before and for many more days and nights to come.

Wednesday – Zara Victoriana

Zara Navy Boucle Jacket worn with Zara “Victoriana” high collared white shirt. Please do not ask me to find the links on their website as that is a massive task in itself but here is the link to current Zara blazers.

Trousers are from Gerard Darel as worn last week and mistaken for Black. Belt is as before from Reiss.

The shoes are from Jones the Bootmaker and are called Callaghan. A cheaper version of the LK Bennett Shilo. The heel is much thinner and tend to wear out too quickly as seen here.

I stepped into a loose pavement slab, ripped the leather and made an emergency and very tacky repair with Sellotape.

Have a great weekend.







Tribute to Simone

I spoke too soon about the Sun. It came and disappeared as quickly as the weekend so please accept my apologies for daring to mention brighter days ahead.

Today I have decided to pay a little tribute to the Simone suede shoe boots from Sam Edelman. I am a shoe fiend, buying when and where I find a pair that comfortably, reasonably, errrrr make that simply fit but, oh my, they are just perfect.

They have been worn out literally with everything from dresses, skirts (both maxi and mini), cropped trousers, long trousers, jeans and even a jumpsuit (still have one or two of them lingering in the wardrobe).

I like the fact that they are not only very comfortable and versatile but have a mid heel to tolerate my heavy walking. Don’t you find the bigger the shoe size the higher the heel or is that just me? The suede is oh so soft and easy to keep clean. How could I forget their name last week as there was deep discussion amongst us worn out women on purchasing them a couple of years ago?

So with the opaques and the layers of thermals back on too I am wearing the shoe boots with a very old Gerard Darel via Ma Boutique grey wool shift dress in the office. No link as so old. I will quickly swap into the LK Bennett Una for meetings today and remove the scarf.

Simone is soon to be joined by her little sister Salina
Great news that they too are available in a size US 11 (UK 9). I know they will fit. A quick and happy shoe purchase will be made before the end of the dreary outlook for this week.

Anyone for a heavily discounted size 8?

Simone suede shoe boot by Sam Edelman
Salina suede shoe boot by Sam Edelman. There are many versions of this style of shoe boot. I like the heel on the Jigsaw version, the sizing is not so generous.
Gerard Darel Grey wool shift dress
DVF Scarf






No Opaque Friday

That’s right. You saw it here first. No opaques today. Yeeeeeee-ha hippy hi hum, Summer here we come.

I am that person you see at the train station wearing a woolly hat and scarf in what we deem to be warmer months, May, June and yes I admit to stretching winter woollies into July.

I just don’t do cold and the outside temperature must be 30c plus (for me) to feel warm but today does not require the warm and trusted opaques.

I have been searching for this coat in my size for ages. I found my normal size in the sale just after the New Year but it was way too big. Told you Gerard Darel is a generous fit. Anyway, arriving home last night to find a delivery, no red roses for me but the GD in my size, all wrapped up for V day!

Gerard Darel Military coat

Joseph Cashair cobalt blue jumper with an American Vintage Navy vest worn underneath – the Jumper is quite sheer.

Joseph Cashmere pink scarf (very old), similar here.

Joseph Rocker boot cut trouser in Navy (part of a suit)

LK Bennett Una Leopard print heels, high but oh so comfortable.

Sam Edelman black suede shoeboots, worn on the walk to work. I swapped to the LKB Unas in the office. Lovely shoeboots by the way. Can’t remember the name, help me oh fellow readers, but the Sam Edelman Salinas are very similar.

Bag is the luxurious Symthson Cooper Tote Tote.

Have a great weekend, the Sun might be out tomorrow.