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My new grey Warehouse furling

I turn 40 soon, and have been thinking of a suitably significant item to buy. I was thinking of a grey Joseph shearling, but, aside from the price, I was put off by how “warm” they are. A lady I know who also lives in London, and has the Anais coat, said it’s rarely cold enough for her to wear it. Also, they can’t get wet, and I would only leave it in a cloak room. A cloak room I was sitting next to. So, I’ve parked that idea, although perhaps a gilet might be more practical for me.

In the meantime, I chanced upon this grey faux fur coat in Warehouse which is £85, less 25% off, w 25GRAZIA. The fur is long (ie not short or sheared), and the coat is “stroller” length. Both of which make it quite a bulky item for me. However, the colour is lush, it will keep me beautifully warm, and is both affordable and (hopefully) durable enough not for me to have to fuss over it.

I was shopping with my Eldest, who loves stroking it, so that settled it. It’s in a bag next to me, right now, just waiting to be worn. A pretty good compromise to my Joseph shearling conundrum, I think.