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The September Issue

I love this time of year.  The September Issues have all arrived and I have spent way too long compiling wish lists.  Of course, as always I have champagne tastes and a lambrusco budget.  But, a girl can dream.

So, if money was no object, these are the things I’d be buying















So firstly, this beautiful Etoile Marant top.  How pretty is it?  And so perfect for going out – reminds me of the top I saw Jennifer Aniston wearing ages ago and obsessed over for ages.

Secondly, these Fiorentini and Baker boots







Now, to be fair I do have ahem several pairs of ankle boots but not a dark brown pair.  And they look a sensible sized heel for daytime and would look great with distressed jeans.  See how I’m convincing myself here?  However, as I need to purchase 3 pairs of school shoes next week, I’ll just leave these on my NAP wishlist for now.

Thirdly and fourthly, these lovely Hobbs boots and Anya clutch, both definitely fantasy purchases but how lovely for going out over Christmas.  Yes, I just did write the ‘C’ word in August!















Staying on a reddish theme, how lovely are these scarves?









The above one is McQueen and the one below Gucci.









And finally this Lulu Frost necklace










Now on a more realistic level, I love these Zara heels.









I’ve seen them in the shop and they truly are gorgeous.  However, having done a wardrobe clear out this week, I do not need any new heels.

This scarf is a lovely print but sadly polyester









Have been lax on the photos front, but here’s a couple, and yes you can tell I’m loving my new zara ripped jeans



God, that photo is big but I made it especially like that for Belinda.  With the zara jeans, are my Hobbs bag from last winter, Hasbeens and MiH shirt.

And below, the same jeans and bag with Whistles shirt – its the same print as Rachel’s dress and was also in the sales.



Right, am off out tonight to celebrate anniversary and birthday – what to wear?

Something old, something new

Of course, just after lamenting that I hardly go out of an evening without the children, I went out last night, without the children.  And what an antidote it was to a busy day with young children – a “trunk show” featuring the vintage collection of Atelier Mayer.  It was like a wander through the immaculate wardrobe of the most glamorous woman you can imagine – a movie star?  An heiress?  Hermes, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci …  Divine.  I looked, I touched, I sipped champagne, and went home happy.






And what did I wear?  My fabulous new coated skinny jeans from New Look which I am in raptures about them as they fit so well (size down) and are just so flattering.  And cost £20.

I also wore a white tuxedo shirt (just seen) and a pink tweed Zara jacket, and my new favourite mid-height H&M heels (now reduced to £8).



Pinned Image

Faux suede courts H

Now, about the heels.  I love the height, being both comfortable and dressy, so am thinking of “upgrading” to these Mango suede numbers:

Suede stiletto

What do you think?