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Grey skies

It rained all day yesterday in London. We went to the forest but gave in to the elements after twenty minutes. We tried to be hardy but the weather beat us.

I have a streaming cold anyway and a very sore eye. I took a smack in it (mistakenly, from one of my little puddings) and it hasn’t recovered. I wonder if the eyelash extensions have scratched it. Urgh.

More harems, this time denim from Zara TRF via eBay years ago, Gap neon orange sun kissed sweatshirt, Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf. I wouldn’t usually bother blogging such a blergh outfit but I have a new leather bracelet on I wanted to share. £2.99 in H&M kid’s section. It may be a belt actually but I liked it so much I bought pink too.

I’m about to dedicate some serious time (well, nap time) to listing some of the masses of things I’ve been storing in the eBay box. What joy.

My new furry friend

I snapped up this jacket as soon as I laid eyes on it back in July. I tried various furry gilets last year but none of them were quite right. I’m pleased to say that I’m absolutely thrilled with this one, I really love the contrasting leather sleeves.  It’s from Zara of course!

Here’s a quick snap of me in it. I’ve turned the cuffs back here but the sleeves are a good length on me, something that’s often an issue on my petite frame. The dress is also a recent purchase, a bargain at £12.99 from H&M’s divided collection – thick cotton and great colours. The spots on the dress are actually raindrops on the mirror – no sunshine where I am!


No jeans for a week…eeek!

I like jeans, but I don’t love them. So how is it that I end up wearing them so often? I think for a lot of women, jeans become their default outfit. When you don’t know what to wear in the morning, it’s so easy to just grab a pair and add a top and that’s it, you’re done. But then I look at the rails of lovely clothes that I have and rarely wear, and it doesn’t make sense really.

So, from time to time I ban myself from jeans to get myself out of that sartorial rut. So here goes day one. Luckily it’s sunny today and the forecast is good so I’m hoping to get some wear out of my summer dresses this week. Fingers crossed! I also have my three children back at school and mornings are not exactly relaxing, so I’m going to try to be organized and choose my outfit the night before.

This dress was made for me by my mum, from my favorite Liberty print, Clare Aude. I feel really happy when I wear this dress. The denim jacket is an antique at this stage, and last years H&M Hasbeens are getting an outing too.

Eeny, meeny, miney, moe

I spent last week in dresses and skirts thanks to amazingly good weather in the west of Ireland, where you usually expect it to be 15 degrees and raining in August. One of the days was a bit chilly and I put on jeans and felt really uncomfortable (ok, maybe that was because of all the holiday cake and ice-cream). So, one of my resolutions for autumn is to wear more dresses. I’ve already been feeling a bit bored with skinny jeans and trousers, so am going to try capri’s, in fact I have a pair in the sewing machine now.

So, in the light of this major lifestyle choice, I put on a skirt yesterday. I like olive green a lot, it goes with so much. I also tried my H&M Hasbeens, which are so comfortable. I would love a pair of the nude sky highs, but given the number of days when you can wear sandals here, I really can’t justify the purchase. I just noticed that I’m slouching in the photo as when I’m wearing heels, you can’t see the top of me in the mirror. I really should get that mirror hung on the wall. And stand up straight.

Of course by the time the afternoon came, it was dull and chilly so I switched to olive skinny combats and sandals from Zara kids. I have size 4 feet, sometimes 3 so I always take a look in the children’s shoe sections, I’ve had quite a few good buys over the years.
The jacket is from Zara as is the skirt, homemade silk top, H&M necklace and doctored Kate Spade bag


Glittery bits

It’s another grey and dreary day. So for my trip to playgroup I wore a sensible outfit, with some glittery bits. Glitter is good for the soul.

Lavender New Look skinnies (I love these and will be buying more New Look skinnies in the future), silver grey cashmere Pure Collection cardigan, white l sleeve H&M top, glitter New look ballets and glitter Primark purse. Have also included an uncharacteristically revealing lipstick shot as I liked the colour (Clinique lip gloss over a Loreal plum lipstick)