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What a cheapskate

My fundamental problem in life is that I have champagne tastes on a lemonade budget, which means that I have to be
(a) creative,  and
(b) relentless in pursuit of a bargain.

Ebay and I are great friends, no matter what you are looking for, if you have patience, you will eventually find it on ebay.

So here I am in some of my bargain hunter’s spoils. After posting last week about my love affair with cobalt blue, I tracked this top down for 4 Euro in H&M (I also have something else in blue in the pipeline).

The MiH Paris jeans are one of my best ebay finds ever, guess how much? No, lower. Guess again. No, lower than that. Oh, ok, they were a fiver!! Five actual pounds (smug). There was a miss-spelling in the listing and I was the only bidder. At the same time I got a pair of MiH Oslo’s but the cut didn’t suit me, so I resold them (yes, for more than I paid)

And my lovely Chloe shoes which were less than a third of the original price.

Of course I splurge occasionally, sometimes when you see something you just have to have it  NOW, yes, Maje gold boots I am thinking of you. But of course fashion maths dictates that for every 3 bargain purchases you are allowed one extravagant splurge, so that means I deserve the boots, right?