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Cashmere lovers, I’m calling you…

Hello, who doesn’t love cashmere?!  It’s a shame that it’s often hideously expensive, or dowdily shaped. I have lots of classic shaped cashmere knits, but this roomy H&M charcoal cashmere knit (£59) had me heading in store to check it out.  A more modern, interesting way to wear cashmere.  I find that this sort of relaxed fit can work well with fitted skirts or trousers / jeans:

H&M do quite a few cashmere or cashmere blend items. When H&M say “cashmere blend”, by the way, they mean 50 or 70% cashmere with the remaining 50 or 30% being wool. I loathe 5% cashmere being touted as “cashmere blend”. What tosh.

This well priced cashmere is found in the Premium Quality section, which is my favourite place to look for well priced, high quality items. The H&M cashmere is well priced, and I found the quality of last year’s maroon / berry cashmere scarf to be superb. It’s thick, soft and still looks new. So, I’ve high hopes for this year’s cashmere.

Back to the charcoal knit, this is how size S looks on me (can you see how fitted the sleeves are? I think that’s a slimming way to wear big knits):
Displaying photo 2.JPG

Displaying photo 1.JPG

I’m wearing the jumper with my J Brand 912 jeans (size 28) and old M&S Autograph ponyskin ankle boots.

I also tried on the cashmere dress (£80):

but even in a size S, it felt bigger than Ben Hur, so probably suited to someone far far taller than me:

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Perfect maternity winter dress, though:

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Finally, another high street store where I have sourced cashmere, is Uniqlo.  Their cashmere is now instore.  You can possibly see from the below camel crew neck (£70), that they have updated the shape, to make it more relaxed, and split the bottom seam.  I will be heading in store to check it out.  They have a limited colour range, but I wore my black cashmere crew neck from Uniqlo a lot last year, so may buy another.

WOMEN Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater


Little Legs loved Frozen. It has even usurped Shrek. I am no Disney fan but I liked that it was sisterly love that saved the day and am thus happier playing Frozen than any other Disney character inspired game. Lucky as this morning’s game began shortly after 6am and lasted two whole hours. At least I got to be Elsa. Poor Bambina spent two hours as a talking snowman.

Today we really were frozen. Down by the Thames it was so cold and windy. You can see me desperately trying to wrap up in the second photo.
Black H&M trousers, Zara zebra pony skin trainers, black Uniqlo Heattech, old black Warehouse roll neck, Gap denim waistcoat, old La Redoute boiled wool coat from my mama, grey RayBans, navy Alexander Wang Diego.

Another major thumbs down from my partner who actually laughed at my outfit and suggested that the H&M trousers make me look crazier than Little Legs (she was sporting a pink tutu with a cat on, silver sparkly tights, a Breton, ski jacket and headband and bright blue Uggs)
I got changed before we headed out again.
Black Nudie jeans, shearling lined Acne Pistols (I cannot stay away from their warmth), Zara roll neck, Diesel faux fur sleeveless jumper/vest. Next time I’ll try and get some outfit shots before small grubby hands get to my mirror.

Hope you’re having a good weekend.

Big shirts

Out shopping yesterday, this is what I wore: Zara brown velvet blazer (probably its last outing as it stays permanently creased at the button, like you see below)  |  Zara cream shirt  |  TopShop Baxter skinnies  |  Gap tan leather ballets


After dithering a bit, I bought this big shirt (New Look khaki roll sleeved shirt £20, and size down.  I bought an 8) which is a bit of a different style for me.  Unlike other khakis, this one is more grey / green, so looks better than the commonly found yellowy olive khaki.  I plan to wear the shirt with skinny bottoms, pretty much like you see here.


Sweet pocket detail, don’t you think?20131003-141422.jpg

See?  its big20131003-141431.jpg

Coincidentally, today I am also wearing a big shirt.  Outfit:  H&M denim shirt  |  Zara sparkly necklace  |  TopShop pleather leggings (these are almost the bomb – too high waisted and tight around my tum tum, so this Humpty Dumpty is going to have them altered)  |  Banana Republic Ashley ballet flats20131003-141441.jpg

Idris!, how did you get here?  Oh, I see you are wearing a big shirt, too.  Yes, that’s why you are included in this post.  We would never demean you by leering at you for no reason.20131003-141450.jpg

My-wardrobe showcase (aka why I am so broken today)

Last night was so fun – Bellinis with Ann WornOut at the my-wardrobe Autumn Winter showcase at the St Pancras Renaissance hotel. A fashion parade, canapés, gossiping w Ann, close inspection of beautiful clothes. And more Bellinis and giggles.

Today, I giggle no more. Adorably, the eldest Bolter has tucked me up on the couch with a blanket and is playing Lego at my feet, while peppering me with questions about how I feel and if my tummy ache will go soon and if I need to have a sleep. The answers are : bad, no and yes. God bless her – too cute.

Anyway, back to last night… It was a lovely show case of some beautiful things. My-wardrobe have just signed up lots of emerging London designers (“London Lab”) and are keen to introduce them to their customers. The winter floral items, especially the Red Valentino and MSGM dresses, have huge appeal for me. However, I was surprised and delighted to see a nod to yesteryear in the form of a stunning Marios Schwab maroon dress (£1362) with slashed elbows, so that the underneath fabric can be seen. Very Tudor. I hope to see more of such detailing, maybe at a high st price point!

Lace Applique Wool Renaissance Dress by Marios Schwab

I was also hugely taken with a Carven zebra print pencil skirt (£363). Classic, but with a twist.  And it feels beautiful.


When I got home I was a bit tipsy, so I have only 1 photo of me, amidst ankle boots (the girls totter about in my shoes) cuff links and a Lego horse (mostly cropped out). And the photo is so dark and blurry, I’m ordering a floor lamp today. Once I can face making a decision about anything more taxing than how much cheese to put on my meatballs for lunch (greasy food is a must when hungover, I think).

If I wasn’t feeling so wretched, I’d write more. Or better. So, I’ll just tell you I was wearing a Zara black velvet tuxedo jacket, H&M black lace trimmed blouse, Mango skinny jeans and H&M black mid heels.



Close up of my velvet blazer

Oh, actually, I almost forgot that I went back to the Selfridges concession and the manager said they pick their stock, which they change every 2 weeks, and confirmed that most of it sells out. Unsurprising as its a calm space with the best of the label. Including these maroon leather ankle boots (£60) which I now really fancy.  There were also silk shirts, leather trousers, cashmere jumpers (seemingly, most of the Premium Quality range).  Definitely the best H&M I have been to, but maybe you know another one that’s worth visiting?


Shoes, I always love shoes

The eldest Bolter announced that she wanted a haircut.  The little two joined in.  I dutifully took them to Trotters.  The poor, poor staff.  It turns out they didn’t want haircuts.  They wanted the gold coins you get once you have had your haircut.  The hairdresser was so sweet and palmed them off with gold covered chocolate, while I bought the girls these gorgeous sandals by Pom D’Api.  They remind me of brightly coloured racing cars.  ‘Cos the Bolters really need to move faster [hmmm].  Anyway, these are just so beautiful, and were reduced from £70 to £20.  I bought the pink, blue and orange, then told the other Worn Out ladies, so now some of the other Little Worn Outs have them, too.  Gorgeousness abounds.





As to what I wore, I did that rare (for me) thing, of changing outfits.

Morning outfit: Zara black blouse  |  Primark floral skinnies (a bit faded, now, so I think that’s the end of the line for them)  |  Aldo Dobrus nude flats (they give me Sideshow Bob feet, but I forgive them)  |  Oroton black bag



Afternoon / evening outfit: Zara black blouse  |  H&M black jacquard cropped trousers  |  Office leopard slippers  |  Zara tan leather cross body bag


Wave bye bye to these shoes.  They pinch.  And, (to quote Vito Corleone), that, I do not forgive


So, as I was mincing past Russell & Bromley, again, I bought these really lovely leopard slippers (style is The Club, and they are reduced from £245 to £70.  Bada bing!).  The white background makes them look quite fresh, I think.  They do slightly rub my nanmby pamby little toe, though [rolls eyes]



While I was waiting for the sales assistant to get my size to try on, I fell in love with this Vixen (reduced from £225 to £95).  These are the best tributes to the Valentino Rock studs I’ve seen.  Damn, why don’t I have a job so I could wear these more than once a year?!  Damn, why aren’t I rich so I don’t care that I already have lots of unworn shoes and can just buy more, anyway?!20130821-213955.jpg



I will just wait until the all nude Vixens are on sale, at the end of the season, as they will go with everything, and don’t look quite so “workwear/corporate”.

Russelll & Bromley Vixen

Finally, I am a huge Diana Vreeland fan, and thought her “Why Don’t You?” column clever and amusing, so I am going to suggest Why Don’t You go to the Kensington Wine Rooms on Kensington Church Street and try a glass of their delicious Maury Solera (sweet red wine)?



Cheers, Dianavreeland 3