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Pat a cake, pat a cake

The littlest two are turning 2 tomorrow, so I have been baking.  Which, clearly, I don’t so often as the bicarbonate of soda in my cupboard had a use by date of Jan 2011. After a quick dash to the nearest mini mart, I was almost ready to bake. But first I put on my gorgeous new necklace. Do you like it? I expect I will wear it a lot.


TopShop collar necklace

I was shopping in TopShop for my sister when I saw it, and quickly swerved over and grabbed it. It’s like that, sometimes, isn’t it?!

I also bought this scarf by Beta (but sold at TopShop) which has an incredible print, as do many of their other scarves. A bit like the roccoco style Dolce & Gabbana prints of this season (AW12).  The Hobbs Antonia dress is far more similar to Dolce, but I am still thinking about whether I want something so distinctively “this season” (not that I am soo timelessly stylish….)

Beta Diamond Flower silk scarf

New silk scarf by Beta (sold at TopShop)

Dolce Dolce Dolce

Invitation Antonia Dress | Hobbs

Hobbs Antonia


Since I was having a bit of a TopShop moment, I also ordered these chinoiserie cigarette trousers that I have high hopes for (they seem to have vanished from the website). If you fancy something similar, but have a bigger budget than me (£625 v’s £45 for TopShop), the Osman ones look wonderful.

TopShop Chinoserie Cigarette Trousers


Osman Floral brocade trousers £625 from Matches



Now, quickly back to baking. The banana cakes are done and look delish. But they are not the only baking success I have had today. I made a super quick shepherds pie that Husband has been raving about all day. Apparently it’s perfect hangover food. [cat’s bum mouth]

– 400g lamb mince
– chopped garlic
– grated carrot and grated courgette
– splashes of Worcestershire and a squeeze of tomato paste, and sprinkles of salt, pepper and sugar
– mash (I use pre-made. M&S and Waitrose ones are both very good)

Brown mince, drain, add garlic. A few mins later add courgette and carrot. When soft, add the sauce and condiments. Pour in baking dish, spread mash evenly over mince. Maybe grate cheese on top. Bake for 20 mins. Or earlier if your family is moaning at you that they are starving.


London calling

I spent ages getting dressed this morning.  I looked at my piles of clothes (my new wardrobes are still not ready for their new inhabitants) and felt totally uninspired.  I have lots of clothes, I have lots of summer clothes I have barely worn.  But I am 6 weeks post partum, breast feeding on demand (read every half hour), it was very clammy weather today and nothing looked how I wanted it to.  As I changed for the umpteenth time my little one walked in and said “Wow! You look beautiful!”  It usually takes a long skirt (see Gina’s post today about The Princess Skirt) or some OTT leopard print to hear those words.

London was beautiful today.  Lovely sunny weather, the happy Olympics vibe still going strong.  I wanted to get out there and enjoy it with my kids.  So I threw caution to the wind and went out wearing an outfit chosen by my toddler.

Hobbs navy trousers (copied from the beautiful Nat WornOut and Gina WornOut too), white H&M vest under a green Gap tee with ancient Monsoon gold sandals.  Bag is gold camera bag from M&S.  Balloon from Zizzi.

Escape from Alcatraz

Ok. Slightly melodramatic, but as now 2 of my 3 have chicken pox, and aren’t exactly suffering in silence, I very happily took the opportunity last night to make a break from my –prison– home to have a lovely local dinner with a few girlfriends. Of course, I returned to an prison riot, but it was worth it.

I wore my cream Zara fantasy jacket (here is the navy version) with an old black silky V neck from Australia (Events brand. Mostly ice cream coloured suiting for ladies who lunch, but this was one of their rare good items), new black and cream striped Primark skirt (I need a 12 but bought a 14. Stupidly) with black knee high boots (old from Hobbs, here are similar ones). And red lipstick.

Looking at my boots last night, I realised need new ones. Not that I wear them often, anymore. But still… So I will add knee high boots to my wish list which I am currently compiling and will post on soon. And I’ll also be posting soon on my sales purchases. I cannot wait for the Zara sale. That’s the Big One for me – its the one brand the girls and I both wear a lot of so I’m always keen to pick up more things for them. Oh, and maybe just a few things for me.

Today I am likely to wear pink. Which matches the (incidentally, awesome!) Boots calamine cream I expect to be applying to itchy little bodies every few minutes or so.