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Zara in non-polyester blouse shock!

I actually found a blouse in Zara that is made from natural fibres!!

Very Marant, I think. Of course I can’t find it online now but I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Speaking of Zara they have a new children’s selection online which is very much in the style of Bonpoint

I really love the classic style of their little boys and girls ranges, just looking at those outfits is enough to make me broody.

Today I’m taking my daughter and her lovely friend to the cinema. After one to many awful childrens’ films I have it sussed, I only frequent one particular cinema where I can access the internet. Bad mummy! I’m wearing a Clements Ribiero cashmere jumper, homemade skirt, Zara jersey scarf to which I attached bobble trim, and Aldo wedge trainers. Let’s hope that Hotel Transylvania isn’t as bad as Top Cat!

Taxi drivers uniform

I look back longingly to the time when Saturday was all about wandering around town, leisurely coffees and movies. Then I morphed into a taxi driver trying to co-ordinate birthday party and play-date drop offs and pick ups with rugby match timings. Umm, that’s fun. The cherry on the cake is the fact that it is my eldest who now hangs out in town on a Saturday afternoon while I am relegated to the suburbs.

Still I may as well accept my fate with dignity and dress well for the occasion! We all love Isabel M here, and I warmed to her even more when I read about how she came up with the idea for the wedge trainer – so we’d all have longer looking legs and feel comfortable at the same time. Good woman! So in homage to Isabel, I am channeling this look today



Oasis Cherry jeans, Monsoon blouse, and customised Aldo wedge trainers. I’m topping if off with one of my best buys ever – my Sonia Rykiel pea coat. It’s about 6 or 7 years old at this stage, and  when I bought it I was really pushing my budget to the limits. I remember standing in the changing room reasoning the the children could eat beans on toast for a week and I would wear the jacket forever. It’s a strategy that still works for me!

Lady in Red

Well a red jumper at least. And yes I know its August but I am in a jumper and boots as autumn appears to have arrived.

The jumper is Gap, Jeans Miss Selfridge and the Boots Acne Pistols.

Now how lovely would this Marant star necklace look with my jumper?

It is very similar to the Massimo Dutti one that Eve and Sarah both have so if anyone sees anything similar please let me know – thanks!

Disappearing act

Well that was quick.

In the time it took me to realize that the sun was actually shining, dash into the shower, dry my hair and put on a dress – that is an actual summer dress, with short sleeves – well, you guessed it, the sun had been replaced by huge grey clouds full of foreboding.


So I took a photo of the dress, before I took it off and replaced it with a cashmere jumper and opaques.

This is the dress I made which was, ahem, influenced by Isabel Marant’s Hera dress. I’m quite pleased with the results, but wonder will I ever get to wear it for more than twenty minutes?