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Sales Buys


Pink neon cashmere jumper from J Crew
(with a special 40% off) The minute the yellow goes on sale it is mine!

Marc by Marc Jacobs phone holder
and matching make up bag (think that’s enough Marc by Marc Jacobs for a while. Apart from maybe a small neon bag)

Chinti and Parker grey intarsia cashmere jumper


Some people think there is no point buying from High Street sales. I’m not one of them. The Zara sale started at midnight on Thursday. I ordered loads and am returning loads. Everything I am keeping is pretty staid but will be worn a lot – that is after all what makes it a bargain, non?

Very simple and not the greatest of reductions but I have tried this bib fronted shirt several times in store and think I will turn to it often with skinnies and flats.

Lovely drape fronted trousers and the zip on the cuff means they can be worn as easily with flip flops as with black heels for the evening (or with these lovely Bertie Moirans!)

I have had this top in my possession three times before and each time I have reasoned that it is very pretty but would snag quickly in my life. With a tenner off I decided to buy it again. I will wear it simply with jeans and flats and am pleased with the fit and colour under my old snakeprint jacket which I often wear when I (rarely!) go out.

Again, not the most exciting of purchases but my old leopard print shirts are too small and too big so I needed a new one and this is very simple and easy to wear. I can’t find it on line but it was about £12.

This tshirt looks nothing on line but it is a flattering fit and will dress down some of my smarter pyjama style trousers nicely.

The Outnet

I mentioned some of the great deals they had on sunglasses last week. The pairs I ordered have all gone back. You can’t tell it by looking at me but I have a very small head and they all fell off. Some of them were great shades though and I hope someone got and loves a pair.

While I was going through the returns form I thought it would be rude not to have a peak at what else they had on offer. I have been looking for these Sam Edelman Harpers in the snakeprint ever since I had them, returned them & regretted it last year. They’ve been on the Outnet for ages but in small sizes. I finally decided to go for the zebra instead and I liked them (you may want to consider sizing down if you are a half size) until I opened my ASOS order and found shoes that made my heart leap.



These are they – River Island Sachas. I realise they won’t be making many hearts leapt but how I love them. Under half the price of the Harpers, so soft and easy to wear.
I am having a big internal fight to return the similar Bertie Moirans.

The H by Hudson Horrigans I ordered go back. I’ve wanted them all year and when I finally took delivery I didn’t even need to try them on to know they’re not for me. I have form buying winter gear too early anyway (though when is too early in the UK?!) and am pleased not to have fallen into that trap this time.

I have a funeral to go to next week and all of my suits are long given away (to the brilliant Dress for Success) I ordered a few black dresses from ASOS which were all disappointing. I think I may just borrow something from one of my sisters on this occasion.

I would have made some decent purchases from Topshop and Mango too (thank you Joanna!) but their websites let you shop but not check out. Such a waste of time. Hey ho.

For me one of the best signs that something really was a good buy is me wanting to wear it immediately. I was very happy to go out (to the park!) in some of my new gear (though not so happy that I need pretty thick cashmere in June!!) So happy I am double chin smiling at the mirror!

When good habits go bad

I used to have a great morning routine – I’d drop the children to school, come home, change my shoes and go for a brisk walk (I’m not the running type, brisk walking is as energetic as I get). I’d come home feeling energized and virtuous. Well no more halo polishing for me, I have become very lazy since the cold weather started. Now I come home, switch on the computer ‘just to check my emails’ and emerge hours later when it’s time to do the school run again. I can think of no better time waster than the internet, it just makes time disappear before my eyes.

So it all had to change, but when I went looking for my runners (that’d be trainers to you – Irish people always say runners!) I could only find one. I didn’t try too hard to find the missing one as that would be to fly in the face of a shopping opportunity, but instead spent hours on the computer tracking down a pair I liked. I can tell you there are some monstrosities out there, runners can be very ugly indeed. Even Liberty print doesn’t make them look good.


In the end I went for a retro pair of Gola Harriers. I like them a lot and they are very comfy indeed. I have managed a walk two days this week, I am aiming for three next, but when it’s hail-stoning I need all my will-power to resist resist the lure of the mac and a pair of slippers! Speaking of will-power I was just reading an interesting article on the subject in this months Vogue. Basically, we have a limited supply of it, and most of use are using our quota on things like resisting a latte, or a slice of cake or spending more time on the dreaded computer so that when we go to do something major, like giving up alcohol or smoking or trying not to buy that Celine bag I’ve been wanting for too long, well there is enough will-power left! So I should just buy the bag then, eh?!



IMG_5086Here I am ready to go, J Crew puffer coat and Missoni striped scarf, and my daughters furry ear muffs to keep me warm. And from the ridiculous to the sublime, here is a photo I took on my most recent morning walk. I don’t think I’d have any stray eyebrows if I was sitting there to do my make-up every morning!




Pass the sunglasses

We have been lucky with the weather in Dublin (or the unluckiest people in the world from my 8 year olds perspective) in that we have had no proper snow, but there has been a lot of rain and sleet, and the sky has been grey for as long as I can remember at this point. It seemed like the perfect time to bring out this neon pink J Crew bag that I got back in November. When I opened the parcel, I felt the instinctive need to reach for my sunglasses – it really is bright! But it’s amazing how your eye becomes attuned to a colour, and now, post Christmas, it seems to have grown on me, and I’m hoping that by April I will love it. I definitely think it’s a shade that will look better in the sunshine (I live in perpetual hope of seeing the sun)

IMG_5106 IMG_5107


I wore it with my vintage leopard faux fur, which is not as warm as it looks, so underneath I had a Marks and Spencer Heatgen top ( these are very good), Anya Hindmarch navy cashmere sweater and a John Lewis cashmere cardigan, my ubiquitous  Oasis cherry jeans and Aldo wedges.

Cape Town capers – Part 3 – The Big Day

The Big Day.  And what a day it was!  I have been to a few weddings in my time, and this one tops them all.  My sisters’ wedding had everything you hope for in a wedding:

– divinely happy and adorable couple (for her privacy I won’t print pictures of them, but if I did – swoon!!  She was a supermodel bride in an elegant, slinky dress);

– dreamy location;

– fabulous, fun guests;

– delicious foodand plentiful drinks; and

– the extra thoughtful touches that make the day special.

Apparently Martha Stewart weddings has many great ideas that you can shamelessly copy from, so maybe have a looksy there if you are planning a wedding any time soon.  One thing that you may not find at Ms Stewart’s website, though, which was a great idea and a real highlight, was hiring a photo booth with props.  Again, to protect my husband’s privacy, I won’t include our photos, but we have a some inappropriate, amusing photos to remember the day by.  And the bride and groom get to keep an electronic copy (keep it clean, guests!).

The wedding was held at the lush Buitenverwachting winery in the gorgeous Constantia area in Cape Town.

buitenverwachting wines










I wore a J Crew silk taffeta dress (I had it altered, and now its perfect – I felt very happy in it), my new TopShop collar necklace (my vintage Weiss earrings didn’t arrive in time), the same clutch I wore to my own wedding!, and the silver shoes you have already seen.

We laughed, we dined, we danced, we had a wonderful time!  Congratulations to my darling sister and her new husband!


TopShop collar necklace