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If the Choo’s fit….

Yipppeeee! I made last week’s mini worn out meet up and what fun we had. Lunch, drinks, shopping and conversation. A blissful afternoon. Can we do it again soon?

Usually I carry a pair of flats to comfort my feet. No swapping into flats on the long journey home this time. My new ankle boots kept my feet happy for the whole day.

The Jimmy Choo Mayor suede ankle boots had their second outing tonight. A rare night out with DH. I will wear these boots forever. They are so very comfortable, have limited ankle gape and are just the right wedge heel height to avoid the giraffe look.

Jimmy Choo Mayor ankle boots.
Reiss Ona Shimmer top
Joseph Leather Skirt




Kitten heels

I recently read an article about the return of kitten heels, and I have to say I was secretly pleased. I know a lot of people regard them as an affront to good taste, but if you are short (yes) and really struggle to wear proper heels (yes – Manolo D’Orsay pumps I am looking at you, yes, you who reduced me to tears at a recent wedding) then they could be the answer to your prayers.

I have a recurring conversation with other women about shoes, and why they are so damn uncomfortable. Well, it’s not rocket science is it? Most of the well known shoe designers are men who will never have to endure the pain inflicted by their beautiful creations.

Anyway when I’m thinking of kitten heels I don’t mean the Clarks type (with all due respect to Clarks) to be accompanied by comfy slacks and a nice padded gilet. No. I’m more thinking about this kind of look from J Crew

So in my research I have found an Acne pair. Well there’s the proof I needed, if Acne the apotheosis of cool do them, I’m definitely on to something

I totally love the colour of these Jimmy Choos

This LK Bennett Buryis a more reasonable price and good colour

And here is the pair to try out the trend, bargain kittens from A Wear 

I shall seek them out and report back!