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Confessions from Ms Matchy Matchy

Dear me.  As I may have mentioned, I like a bit of Massimo Dutti.  And, I like a bit of matchy matchy.  Here is a photo confession of an outfit that combines both:



I confess that my outfit picked out almost every single colour in the Massimo Dutti scarf.  Turn away, fellow Worn Out ladies.  Avert your eyes.


Massimo Dutti scarf.


Zara cream fantasy blazer (similar pictured)

M&S red leather gloves – these are great.

Mango Cord Skinny Pants

Mango skinny cords, although the cords I have are the darker version of these.

Kurt Geiger Willow Ankle Boots

Ah, my Kurt Geiger ankle boots.  The miles we cover.  Back and forth from nursery, mainly.  But then, there is also playgroup.  We do know how to rock and roll together…

Going nativity

Last night we had a parenting rite of passage – our eldest was in her first nativity play. Too cute, too funny and, unfortunately, I was also too busy (chasing the girls) to enjoy a glass of mulled wine. And too late to get one of the mince pies. And too slow to stop one of the little blossoms climbing up on stage to join her big sister. Dear me.

As a little nod to the festive season, I pulled out an old costume necklace. Which I quite like. But let’s hope Gina blogs the Anton Heunis necklace she is wearing tonight because it is gorgeous. Maybe I need an upgrade to one of his pieces? Should that go on the wishlist?

Now, from the sublime to the (possibly?) ridiculous, look at my new hat! The WornOut ladies are divided almost evenly into camps of “no, bin it” and “yes, it’s amusing”. I waver. £4 from H&M says its not one of life’s most crucial decisions…


Outfit: grey wool flannel Uniqlo blazer, H&M white long sleeve top, Primark vest, TopShop Baxter skinnies, TopShop Anarchy boots. Can’t remember where the necklace is from.



Joy to the world

Is it bad that I am writing this post pretty mostly in order to annoy Ann [grin] because she thinks I should wait until December before unleashing my Christmas freak?  Well, I just can’t wait.  I waited until Halloween was past, and that’s all I could do.  As someone else hinted, one of us already has the Christmas tree up.  Reader, its me.  And I am not alone in all this festivity – see, the Christmas lights are on on Oxford St.  With Marmite images.  Umm, why??


So, of course I am already wearing my festive jumper.  A little sartorial message of “joy to the world”.  Or more likely “I really like it, so I wear it when I want to”.


The jumper is from the girls’ section in H&M (I wear the largest girls’ size.  But not in Zara, no matter how I hunch.  I just can’t fit), and I cringingly admit that my eldest has the dress version in both the red and the navy.  And since I am confessing, I also have the dress (don’t expect to see it until I do more Shredding, though – its VERY unforgiving).

I bought the jumper to amuse myself and, of course, now really like it and wear it often.  Which the quality doesn’t really allow for.  So I will be hunting for some new festive jumpers soon.


Some contenders are:

This nordic Tia jumper from Joy for £45:

This gingerbread (Gin Gin from Shrek!) jumper, also from Joy (not sure I would take it this far, though) for £45:

This quite fab looking jumper from Bennetton for £50 (I saw it in the window and think it looks lovely):


This kitsch, but I think cute, penguin jumper from A Wear via ASOS for £35:
Image 1 of A Wear Penguin Jumper
This reindeer jumper from ASOS for £35 might work for someone:
Image 1 of ASOS Reindeer Fairisle Jumper
Oh dear God, this Christmas patterned jumper for £32 from ASOS is included for your amusement:
Image 1 of ASOS Christmas Pattern Jumper
And here is the utterly adorable polar bear jumper I just bought for £20 (less usual 30% off voucher) from Gap for our eldest who is going to love it!

Grey flannel

What could be softer or lovelier than flannel?  Not much.  This Uniqlo light grey wool flannel blazer was on my wishlist for a while, and as soon as it was reduced to £69.90 (current price, but less if you use discount code OCADO10 to order), I bought it.

I’m glad I did as it is divine to wear – soft, light but warm.  And did I mention soft?



Uniqlo wool blazer

Outfit: light grey Uniqlo wool flannel blazer, charcoal grey Uniqlo wool roll neck (old, actually rest of outfit is “old” aka not current season), black H&M vest, mid blue TopShop Baxter jeans, black Kurt Geiger Willow ankle boots and raspberry pink leather TM Lewin bag (big enough to hold a few nappies and wipes.  Yep, that’s how I roll).

Hello, gorgeous

I have wanted a leopard print coat for years.  And years.  On my way to a playdate on Friday, I spied it, tried it on and bought it all within 2 minutes.  Fashion serendipity.  I bought it in a local charity shop, but here it is on the TopShop website (I am ignoring that I only paid marginally less than the sale price…)

This leopard print coat was The One, because the “fur” is longish, thick and has a sheen, and there is variation in colours in the print  (I like to see at least 3 colours in a print).   It really is fabulous.

Once I had wrestled the girls off if (who seem to think its theirs to play with), I wore it with an all black outfit:  Gap merino polo neck (their merino is the best – always fine, never pills), Zara leggings (very thick and worm – like ski leggings [cringe]) and Kurt Geiger Willow ankle boots.  It seems Kate Moss had the same idea on the weekend.




TopShop Leopard Print Faux Fur Coat

And here is a photo of my beloved Barbra Streisand in leopard – gorgeous.

If you are at TopShop and want a leopard fix, these Ava boots look lovely and like they could go the distance on the nursery run.  Definitely now on my wish list.  Especially since the Anarchy boots are working out so well for me.

AVA Side Zip Western Boots