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When good habits go bad

I used to have a great morning routine – I’d drop the children to school, come home, change my shoes and go for a brisk walk (I’m not the running type, brisk walking is as energetic as I get). I’d come home feeling energized and virtuous. Well no more halo polishing for me, I have become very lazy since the cold weather started. Now I come home, switch on the computer ‘just to check my emails’ and emerge hours later when it’s time to do the school run again. I can think of no better time waster than the internet, it just makes time disappear before my eyes.

So it all had to change, but when I went looking for my runners (that’d be trainers to you – Irish people always say runners!) I could only find one. I didn’t try too hard to find the missing one as that would be to fly in the face of a shopping opportunity, but instead spent hours on the computer tracking down a pair I liked. I can tell you there are some monstrosities out there, runners can be very ugly indeed. Even Liberty print doesn’t make them look good.


In the end I went for a retro pair of Gola Harriers. I like them a lot and they are very comfy indeed. I have managed a walk two days this week, I am aiming for three next, but when it’s hail-stoning I need all my will-power to resist resist the lure of the mac and a pair of slippers! Speaking of will-power I was just reading an interesting article on the subject in this months Vogue. Basically, we have a limited supply of it, and most of use are using our quota on things like resisting a latte, or a slice of cake or spending more time on the dreaded computer so that when we go to do something major, like giving up alcohol or smoking or trying not to buy that Celine bag I’ve been wanting for too long, well there is enough will-power left! So I should just buy the bag then, eh?!



IMG_5086Here I am ready to go, J Crew puffer coat and Missoni striped scarf, and my daughters furry ear muffs to keep me warm. And from the ridiculous to the sublime, here is a photo I took on my most recent morning walk. I don’t think I’d have any stray eyebrows if I was sitting there to do my make-up every morning!




Christmas list

It’s all about me, this list. I have a children’s list too, but this one is pure indulgence (and fantasy sadly!)

I’m a great believer in everyday luxury, I would rather have a beautiful keyring that I use everyday than an amazing party dress which I rarely wear. So the first two items on my Christmas list are very practical!

Valentino lace effect sunglasses I just love these, the combination of the cats eye shape and the lace print is so glamorous

Prada pink wallet I have had my eye on this for a while, the colour is so beautiful, and really is there an item you use more often than your wallet?

You just can’t have a Christmas list without some sparkle and I certainly don’t need the festive season as an excuse to wear glitter or sequins.

I got a great Lancome gold glitter varnish last Christmas, but it’s empty now, so this Butter London  looks like a good replacement

J Crew Flower lattice necklace  I have been pining for this necklace for a while now, I absolutely love it

These Maison Martin Margiela boots are the ultimate ankle boots and the great thing about metallics is they go with everything.


Like Eve, I have been a fan of By Terry’s lip balm for a while now, but the packaging of this Dior balm has turned my head, it is just so pretty!  Dior  rose lip balm

Kiehl’s Creme de Corps is the ultimate body lotion for me, it smells delicious and has such a lovely sheen

Diptyque Baies is the only scented candle I like, a beautiful fragrance the lasts for ages. I had the tragedy of getting the Baies room spray last year, and promptly smashing it on the ceramic tiles. I still wince when I remember it!


Now, you have to have something snuggly on your Christmas list, don’t you? I dream about lounging around all day in these Liberty print pajamas and sheepskin slippers, watching Grace Kelly movies and reading old magazines. As if that’s going to happen.

J Crew Liberty print pyjamas

Toast sheepskin babouche


And no Christmas list from me is complete without some cashmere

I have been lusting after this jumper for a while now and finally nabbed it yesterday (Yes all my best Christmas presents usually come from myself) Get it now from Whistles or House of Fraser with 20% off  Whistles Audrey cashmere jumper

And this is a gorgeous snuggly treat from Eilis Boyle cashmere hat scarf . And look, with all this snow and ice we are forecast, it is an absolute winter essential, no?

And finally, I need a bag on my list. I have been hankering after a red bag for a while. After coming across this vintage Birkin, nothing else will do now. I think I will need a lottery win for this one somehow




No jeans for a week…eeek!

I like jeans, but I don’t love them. So how is it that I end up wearing them so often? I think for a lot of women, jeans become their default outfit. When you don’t know what to wear in the morning, it’s so easy to just grab a pair and add a top and that’s it, you’re done. But then I look at the rails of lovely clothes that I have and rarely wear, and it doesn’t make sense really.

So, from time to time I ban myself from jeans to get myself out of that sartorial rut. So here goes day one. Luckily it’s sunny today and the forecast is good so I’m hoping to get some wear out of my summer dresses this week. Fingers crossed! I also have my three children back at school and mornings are not exactly relaxing, so I’m going to try to be organized and choose my outfit the night before.

This dress was made for me by my mum, from my favorite Liberty print, Clare Aude. I feel really happy when I wear this dress. The denim jacket is an antique at this stage, and last years H&M Hasbeens are getting an outing too.