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Monochromish Monday

Did Black and White ever go out of fashion?

For work today I am wearing a pair of very old Gerard Darel classic black trousers.

The black metal chain type belt is also from Gerard Darel. No links as both items are so old but similar here Gerard Darel, Ma Boutique

The jacket/blazer was bought in the sale last year from Paul Smith. Paul Smith

The main colour is grey but it has black lapels and is fully lined in cream. It’s been worn out to the max since being purchased but today it is worn with one of my favourite white stretch shirts from La Redoute, a decade old and still going strong. La Redoute

I love this particular shirt as it stays tucked in all day and does not allow for any cleavage glimpses in the office.

LK Bennett metallic grey Shilos are on my frozen feet after trudging in yeti boots to the office.

The reason for the “ish”? Just been told that the trousers are dark Navy and not Black. You can’t tell, can you?

Happy Monday.



A time of change

It’s a time for change in a couple of ways. Firstly, my eldest has just started both nursery and swimming lessons. Secondly, the warm weather is leaving, bringing a winter chill to the air.

Which, one would think, would make me search for coats. I have found one in Zara I love (but fear won’t fit my lifestyle), and another in Massimo Dutti that is both beautiful and practical for me.

Zara coat

Massimo Dutti coat

So now my coat search is over [wink], it frees me up to buy Russian doll earrings from River Island, a featherweight sleeveless silk and lace Massimo Dutti blouse and look at pewter sequin New Look miniskirts [confused]. Clearly I shop in a totally haphazard fashion as those items are not exactly meeting any great sartorial need or are terribly practical. Well, life’s too short to be completely sensible and ordered, isn’t it?!

bright red articulated russian doll earrings - earrings - jewellery - women - River Island


Sorry about appalling image of the Massimo Dutti shirt – just what the Sam Hill has happened to their website?!?!

Gunmetal (Metal) Gunmetal Sequin Tube Skirt | 259921794 | New Look

When shopping for these charming, random items, I wore a black wool LK Bennett pea jacket, white Primark top, sea green Primark skinnies, tan Mimco ankle boots, Zara scarf and Reiss bag.

And to amuse you, I have included a photo of me trying on the miniskirt, which Tracey dared me to post. Here it is!! Lollipop came from my sister’s piñata at the weekend – shhh, don’t tell my eldest I ate her lollipop!!




I have a confession to make. Until yesterday I did not own a single item of animal print clothing. I know. I’m hoping it won’t get me thrown off the blog. I do own zebra print ballerinas, they are in my ’emergency bag’ in the car, along with a few Grazias, a bar of chocolate, some lipgloss and a book of sudoku puzzles. I’m not quite sure of the type of emergency all that will equip me for…..

Anyway, I had an hour alone yesterday, and what else would I do but head directly to Zara. It seems a lot of us do that as Mr Zara is the third richest man in the world! So, I walked in the door and was magnetically drawn to the navy blue section as usual, only to find these navy flock velvet leopard print skinnies. I would have scrolled right past them in the web site, but in real life they are really gorgeous.

And to add to the feline theme here I am in my kitten heels, courtesy of LK Bennett. I blogged about them a couple of weeks ago, and am now a convert! I’m hoping to add to my collection soon, but as of tomorrow I’m at the beach for 10 days, so no more shopping for a while. I hope I survive it!

Zara jeans, Sandro blouse, Zara blazer – this one is almost identical, LK Bennett shoes