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Flowers for my sweetheart

As mentioned yesterday, today was my eldest’s birthday party. So I wore a floral top to please my flower loving sweetheart. It was either that or some animal print and I have been giving the leopard print a good shake lately. Time to embrace the sunshine and look a little summery!

I am utterly wrecked from the party. Which means our little love and her little friends had a great time. And our friends are probably cursing us as we sent the children home full of sugar and carrying a monster sized animal shaped helium balloon. So I go to bed tired, but happy. And I will try and get the Dorito smears placed by chubby little hands off my jeans tomorrow.

Floral Zara top, lavender New Look skinnies. And I wore gold leather London Rebel ballets (not pictured.  And about to be returned as the gold paint is coming off – nooo!)